Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[Little Room] Curtain Call

What feels like 'way back when', I blabbed on about some ideas for window treatments for the Little Room.

I ordered two fabric swatches from for some pocket change, and it was the best decision I could have made.  The Richloom Cornwall Garden (left) looked completely different in person than the colors read on my computer screen.  It looked very "Granny" and like it belonged on a sofa in a senior citizen center common room, the background was very oatmeal.  It also wasn't the sunny yellow or punchy red I thought it might be.  The Premier Prints Dandelion Slub was perfect.  It was bright and cheerful and would really brighten up the somewhat dark (BM Ashland Slate painted) room.  And it was almost $10 less per yard than the other option!

(the coloring is a bit off in this photo, more saturated than real life)

I knew tackling a DIY with some iron hem tape wouldn't be the way to go.  I decided since we were saving money on our furniture purchases by going with Ikea and our bedding by not buying a "set", that I would splurge a little and get a custom order through Etsy.

I had previously found this picture (below) on Pinterest and traced it back to the seller on Etsy (RockyTopDesigns) to see if the fabric shown was still available.  It wasn't, but her store was stocked with tons of options.  I asked if she would do a custom order and we were on our way.

(FYI: Jayna and her team at RockyTopDesigns also do complete crib bedding ensembles, changing pads, quilts, and toddler bedding)

I also decided to add black out paneling to the drapes since the back of our house gets a lot of sun.  The sun rises back there and doesn't turn the house until about mid afternoon during the long summer days.  I figured if we could sneak in an extra 30 minutes in the morning or have an easier time with afternoon naps by blocking out the light it'd be worth it.

On Monday, as scheduled with Jayna in advance, the curtains arrived.  I picked up an Umbra curtain rod at Bed Bath & Beyond with my ever handy collection of 20% coupons over the weekend so I was ready to go. 

I hung the rod probably an inch too high, but it's okay since I didn't want the curtains pooling on the ground where a future little mobile one can get tripped up.  I hung the rod 3" over the window and 9" wide. And then prompted gave the curtains a little steaming to get rid of the creases from shipping.

The panels are perfect!  The blackout lining is white so it doesn't "show through" the white fabric of curtains.  However, it totally blocks out the bright morning sun - something not accomplished when closing the blinds. The workmanship by RockyTopDesigns is really top notch too.  I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and my product.

The room is really starting to come together now!  The plan for tonight is finally get some of the decor items and prints on the walls.

** Just to note:  I have not been perked in any way by RockyTopDesigns, I just believe in supporting small businesses and giving credit where credit is due!  I had a wonderful experience, having all my (slightly annoying) questions answered timely and am very satisfied with the completed product.**

Oh, what's that?? You noticed our new chair?! 

We picked that bad boy up on Saturday afternoon. It's the Benji Storytime Chair by Best Chairs and we purchased it a local children's boutique. Not only does it glide... it swivels, and reclines!  And instead of the usual handle on the side to recline the chair, the handle is wedged between the seat cushion and right arm, on purpose so you don't have to lean over when there is a small infant in your arms - GENIUS!

We were able to custom select the fabric (from what seems like 100s of options), so we went with a textured beige microfiber.  Since we went so bold on the walls, we wanted to keep the rest of the room "light", the chair will also easily fit into any future rooms we need it.

Have you every ordered custom draperies?  Do you have a chair in your house that you love? Is it bold and funky or something timeless?


  1. Absolutely wonderful! What a gorgeous room.

  2. so glad you ended up going with the Dandelion print - they are PERFECT for the room. they really brighten up the room and bring in a fun girly touch. love the chair as well - I'm currently on the hunt for one that isn't too big & bulky, so I might have to see if I can find one of those locally. :)

  3. absolutely adorable, E! and I totally read the paint color as "Ashlynn Slate" :)

  4. I love your curtains! And that chair looks amazing. Your nursery is certainly coming together. :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Sarah - It's funny because for a month my dad would refer to her as Ashland instead of Ashlynn, ha!

  6. LOVING the curtains!! So cute and cheerful! I am planning on custom ordering the bedding since I don't want to do a set and the gray/orange/blue color combo doesn't appear to be abundantly available. I can't wait to see what bedding you go with!

  7. SO pretty! I love love love the fabric!

  8. Love it! I may have that dandelion print as the lining in my purse (except it's pink and white), so I obviously think it's awesome.

  9. This is coming together SO well! I love the idea of using gender neutral colors.

  10. Natasha - can't wait to see your custom bedding set! Our bedding came yesterday, but I'm waiting a while to put the crib sheet on. Just another load of wash later, haha.

    Heather & Julia - Thanks!

    Amie - Nice! The print definitely comes in pink (and I think a bright aqua too). What a fun purse lining!

    MrsIndependent - I'm definitely not a "pink" girl. Love that the room is gender neutral in color, but definitely "girly" in the decor choices. Can't wait to show the prints!

  11. Her room is so cute. You did a great job :)


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