Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five and Five: Recent Purchases

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1 - As mentioned the other day, I snagged these (Seychelles Theory) booties to possibly wear to my shower.  I still fit into two non-maternity dresses of mine, but I am at a total loss for footwear.  Most of my heels are unbearably uncomfortable (and are usually without a human growing in my belly) or just are all wrong in style or color, and I'm not sure if my boots really look right.  Luckily, I ordered from Piperlime so Free Shipping and Free Returns - no harm, no foul. Also, they were on sale for $49.99 from $170!

2 - I also mentioned about a month ago that I was sprucing up the living room.  The weekend after Valentine's Day, I decorated for St. Patrick's.  A bit hysterical that I've skipped the Christmas decor now two years running, but never skip the chance for some emerald green.  Plus, after all the work from last year's party decor, you know I was putting it to good use!

Any way, I snagged two new pillow covers for the couch to freshen up the room.

3 - This wasn't actually a recent purchase.  I grabbed it back in January.  Early January, but have yet to wear it.  It's clearly my 2012 St. Patrick's Day top and I'm keeping it non-stretched out and stain free until then.  These days, the belly is catching all sorts of crumbs and little drips from where I always manage to find a hole in my lip.

4 - Paper Straws!  Any excuse, really to add to my St. Pat's party bucket of fun. 

We are having another party this year, just much lower key than last.  The "beer tasting" will be scaled back to just Ales and Stouts and a handful of the ladies will be going without since we all have little underagers on board.  I'm hoping to make a fun non-alcoholic punch for us (and maybe for everyone else to spike individually) and the straws will come in handy for that.

5 - This adorable headband from the The Girlie Girl Bowtique on etsy.  I'm just starting my search for a photographer for newborn photos and couldn't resist this little vintage-y handmade headband.


  1. I'm loving paper straws lately too but I never seem to stumble upon any. Where did you find these ones?

  2. I got them at "Cupcake Social" on etsy (click link "(4)" under the image to take you to the listing).

    They are also online on this site in large quanities for cheap prices, not as many color options though...

  3. Love your new purchases! Those shoes are so cute. I also really like your St. Paddy's day top. Your party sounds like fun, even though it has been modified. :)

  4. I love the booties! I would totally be snatching some up if I didn't have such weird ankles haha

  5. Sorry to bother you, but how do you make these awesome collages and mood boards? I want to make one for my nursery reboot/ move, and I love the look of yours!

  6. Mrs. Independent - don't feel bad about your ankles, I feel like I have weird thighs and the booties def don't help! haha...

    Rebecca - I'm sure other bloggers have better ways, but I just add my images to a power point slide then save the whole img as a jpeg in paint. One day when I upgrade to a Mac I'll finally get photoshop!


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