Monday, March 26, 2012

Final Baby Shower Details!

Ah, the last Baby Shower themed post!  A quickie to highlight some of my favorite gifts, moments, and what I wore!

While every gift received was a blessing and so very appreciated, there are few worth noting.  I'm usually a big "practical" gift giver and love getting gifts that are useful, so the Boppy and Bumbos, bottles, diapering needs, etc were of course were right up my alley.

My friend KK, who made all the amazing cake pops, painted this crate for A which will be the most perfect toy box!   I love that she was so thoughtful and used the nursery colors, too.  She packed it full of BabyGanics cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, pacifiers, and baby thermometer too!

On top of the toy crate and cleaning supplies (and a 7th Generation newborn sized diaper cake), she got me a box full of onesies with puppies on them.  We always complain together that it's so hard to find little girl clothes with dogs and that they are always boyish - why no girlie puppy love?!

At her shower, last June, I got her this adorable Boston Terrier-esque onesie from BabyGap (posted here).  We both have Boston's and I had told her how tempted I was to buy a second one to stash away for myself!  It was just so cute, but I couldn't bring myself to buy anything baby related for a baby that didn't exist, let alone for a little girl.  At the time I had just finished a lot of testing with a specialist and had been diagnosed with some fertility set backs.  It was so bittersweet to buy the perfect little outfit for her baby girl to be and think I may never get to have the same experience.

She gave the onesie back to me, as her daughter has grown out of it, and I nearly lost it.  A little onesie just represented so much and it had come full circle.  I'm SO thankful for the opportunity have this little peanut and for her to have such amazing Aunties.

(and the little matching tutu)

My mom had already generously picked up our infant car seat and stroller, but she couldn't help herself to bring a little something to the shower.  Amongst some sweet outfits and a stone with "dream" carved in it (the meaning of Ashlynn), she picked up this little Raggedy Ann doll.  Growing up, we had a GIANT Raggedy Ann that I would play with all the time since it was close to life size for awhile.  At one point, I even dressed up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween.

I had almost forgotten the memory of the doll.  It was so nice to have a little reminder of my childhood and something I can pass on to my own daughter.

Finally, my best friend's mom just couldn't help herself and bought A a little pair of pink Uggs! 

My favorite moments included everyone mingling together and getting a moment to eat some snacks and catch up!

And of course, I couldn't forget to highlight my girlfriend who was a week away from her due date and still made the trip!  Nothing like a little bump bumping when hugging :)   She gave birth to a healthy baby boy two days later!

And lastly, my outfit!  I bought this dress back in December for a Baptism with the hopes it'd still fit come my 3rd trimester.  The waist is elastic and while it's supposed to hit at my natural waist, there isn't too much a length issue when having ride a top my bump.  I was comfy and happy that I'll be able to re-wear the dress post-pregnancy since it is in my usual size!

Silk Scallop Wave Dress - Madewell (here) (similarish)
Silk Trim Ruffle Cardigan - Banana Republic (similarish)
Kimchi Blue O-Ring Belt - Urban Outfitters (similarish)
Theory Booties - Seychelles (here)
Pearl and Gold Ribbon Necklace - Etsy (was a bridesmaid gift!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I had that exact Raggedy Ann doll when I was little! Everything looked so pretty and those little uggs are adorable!

  2. Everything was so perfect!! Loved your outfit-you look spectacular!

  3. You look so great! I teared up when I read the story of you and your friend. It's been quite a journey already. Everyone gave you such lovely and thoughtful gifts. :)

  4. You look fab! I had my eye on that dress, but missed out. Makes me so sad I didn't pick it up. It looks great on you!

  5. Schnelle - Isn't it funny to be reminded of things from your childhood. My friend's mom who bought the Uggs also got me all the Little Miss books - what a throwback!

    Chelsea - Thanks lady!

    Leslie - Thanks sweetie, and I still tear up just thinking about it. She did so much and on top of it such a sentimental gift.

    Rachee - Thank you! I'm so excited that it won't go to waste as a "maternity" item!

  6. Aww. Such a sweet shower and I loved your outfit.

  7. Aww!! I'm having flashbacks of my own baby shower now! :*) Love the gifts and omigosh... your outfit! I wish i dressed that way when i was pregnant! You look awesome!

  8. Oh lady, I am so happy your shower was so fabulous. Add your baby got some awesome and super cute things, that tutu is so adorable.

  9. LOVE that your friend gave you back the onsie!! So sweet and special...and you can tell how emotional it made you! I am with the practical stuff, but it's nice when you can make it personal too! You looked darling at the glad you had a great time! :)

  10. the onsie story is touching!! I am a new follower and I love your voice in this blog!! I have been slowly been catching up on your posts and I love it!! I appreciate your views on being green - I try to be that way too.

    This was a beautiful shower. I am so happy for you that you are sailing through this pregnancy. I also have fertility issues and lost a pregnancy in the Fall of 2010. We are still trying but going the adoption route.

    ♥ Ashley

  11. Francis & Aimee - Thank you! It was such a perfect dress for a 'girl's shower', good intuition on my part!

    Rosa - Thanks love! And yes, the little clothes are to die for!

    Natasha - It really was one of my favorite gifts and moments. It was just so thoughtful of her, I'm not even sure she realized what the little piece of clothing represented to me. Can't wait to hear about your shower.

    Ashley - Welcome! And thank you for the sweet words :) I'm so sorry to hear about your loss (we had one right around that time, too). I'm excited to hear that you are going the adoption route, I think that is wonderful. Wishing you lots of luck!


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