Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Babycakes] 7th Month Run Down

Another month down and 1/3 of the 3rd Trimester complete!  Cannot believe we are onto the 8th Month!

1 - Weird habits.  Well, I finally painted my nails!  I got a mani/pedi before my shower and it was amazing.  I used Butter London Trout Pout, which is a "3 Free" nail polish with no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP.  I might actually start keeping up with it, well, until she arrives!

I also had my first cup of caffeinated coffee this past month, and man, did it make her go crazy!

Finally, acid reflux?!  Holy crap!  I feel so bad for anyone who deals with this on a regular basis.  I've never had acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion,etc but like the rest of the 3rd Tri aches and pains (and leg cramps), this one has started to kick in and it is no joke. 

2 - Sleep.  Not so great.  I'm now getting up for about 4 bathroom trips (though I usually stay half asleep for most of them) and I finally broke down and bought a body pillow.  Luckily, it was only $8.99 at Target, it was on sale at the end of the aisle so major score there.  The first night with it blew, but since then I've figured out how to get comfy and it actually works.  The worst part is when I do go to move my body is so stiff that my shoulders, back and hips will crack, and that usually wakes me from my halfsleep slumber.

3 - Weight gain. I'm finally starting to pack on the pounds.  According to the doctor's office, at my 32 week appointment yesterday, I'm up 17lbs.  According to me, I'm up 22.   I'm pretty pleased with that at this point.

4 - Cravings.  Sugar!  Cookies, cake, icing, Oreos, Cadburry mini eggs, ice cream, rice krispie treats, you name it. Trying to replace the cravings with fruit, doing a mediocre job.  

I also craved my first beer last week.  The weather was just so gorgeous and there is nothing like a cold tasty brew on a warm summer night.  Oh it's March?  Okay, I'll just wait for summer for real then!

5 - Wedding Rings.  Still on and not too tight.  They were only tight the one day that it got up to 80 when I went to take them off that night.

6 - Shopping.  Haven't bought anything for myself recently and held off on buying clothes for baby since I knew our shower was coming up, where we did end up receiving a bunch of adorable outfits.  Starting now to make a list of the remaining gear we need before she gets here, the rest can wait.

7 - Belly Button. It's still out, but still no stretch marks!

8 - Worries.  A bunch.  Everything is seemingly picture perfect.  After measuring a week behind at my 30 week appt, I'm right back on track at 32 weeks.  No labor signs, no abnormal contractions outside a few Braxton Hicks here and there.  For the most part, getting constant movement (though it's now shifted into my ribs which is not only uncomfortable, but it sends a shooting pain through my back because the rib sitting on the nerve).  Weight gain, blood pressure, and her heart beat are all picture perfect.  Naturally, this makes me worry.  Can it be this easy?  Am I finally getting my time to enjoy this after a rocky 1st half of the pregnancy?  I hope my irrational fears are exactly that, irrational!

9 - Size of Baby. According to Babycenter, she's 16.7 inches long and weighs 3.75lbs.  According to the ultrasound technician at our 3D ultrasound, she was pushing 4lbs at 31wks! (more on that below)

10 - Momma Treat.  I finally cashed in the Spa Gift Card the husband got me for Christmas.  I called on a Wednesday and made my maternity massage appointment for the next day.  My rib has slipped out of place again and I've been in some serious pain.  The masseuse seemed pretty shocked at how tight and knotted my back was, I wasn't sure if I should be embarrassed or proud that I impressed her.  Either way, the massage was AMAZING.

11 - Favorite Moment of the 7th Month #1. Our 3D ultrasound!  We originally were going to pass on the elective ultrasound, but after a Living Social deal was posted, I was able to snag an appointment for only $55!  We were able to schedule the appointment quickly and get in at 31weeks before baby became too smushed in the womb to see clearly, but luckily she had enough chub on her that she looked like a baby.  The only problem was that her little face was right up against the placenta.  It made it really hard to get a clear shot, as most of them look like she's looking through fun house mirrors or have splotches in the way.  We did get confirmation she really is SHE (whew!) and saw all her adorable 10 fingers and toes.  And we also will need to invest in some scratch mittens as she loved to keep her hands on face or in her mouth - when not shielding herself clearing saying "no pictures!".  We definitely think she looks a little bit more like Daddy, but it'll still be a surprise when she enters the world in 50 some days or so!!

12 - Favorite Moment of the 7th Month #2My Shower!  (catch up on all the details, here, here, and here)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bump-date: 7th Month (28-31 Weeks)

My first month of 3rd trimester is officially closed!

I believe I'm now at the point where I'm growing about a pound a week, eek!  Pack on the weight little girl, going to make sure you aren't a dainty little thing like your momma (I was 8lb10oz!).  I'm still trying my hardest to make what I already own work since I just hate the idea of buying maternity clothes for 50ish days or so.  We'll see how long it is before I totally breakdown and go on a shopping spree, or just decide to start wearing leggings to work!

I'll post my 7th Month recap tomorrow!

I look back at the 4th and 5th Months now and laugh at how proud of my belly I was!  What was I thinking?!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Final Baby Shower Details!

Ah, the last Baby Shower themed post!  A quickie to highlight some of my favorite gifts, moments, and what I wore!

While every gift received was a blessing and so very appreciated, there are few worth noting.  I'm usually a big "practical" gift giver and love getting gifts that are useful, so the Boppy and Bumbos, bottles, diapering needs, etc were of course were right up my alley.

My friend KK, who made all the amazing cake pops, painted this crate for A which will be the most perfect toy box!   I love that she was so thoughtful and used the nursery colors, too.  She packed it full of BabyGanics cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, pacifiers, and baby thermometer too!

On top of the toy crate and cleaning supplies (and a 7th Generation newborn sized diaper cake), she got me a box full of onesies with puppies on them.  We always complain together that it's so hard to find little girl clothes with dogs and that they are always boyish - why no girlie puppy love?!

At her shower, last June, I got her this adorable Boston Terrier-esque onesie from BabyGap (posted here).  We both have Boston's and I had told her how tempted I was to buy a second one to stash away for myself!  It was just so cute, but I couldn't bring myself to buy anything baby related for a baby that didn't exist, let alone for a little girl.  At the time I had just finished a lot of testing with a specialist and had been diagnosed with some fertility set backs.  It was so bittersweet to buy the perfect little outfit for her baby girl to be and think I may never get to have the same experience.

She gave the onesie back to me, as her daughter has grown out of it, and I nearly lost it.  A little onesie just represented so much and it had come full circle.  I'm SO thankful for the opportunity have this little peanut and for her to have such amazing Aunties.

(and the little matching tutu)

My mom had already generously picked up our infant car seat and stroller, but she couldn't help herself to bring a little something to the shower.  Amongst some sweet outfits and a stone with "dream" carved in it (the meaning of Ashlynn), she picked up this little Raggedy Ann doll.  Growing up, we had a GIANT Raggedy Ann that I would play with all the time since it was close to life size for awhile.  At one point, I even dressed up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween.

I had almost forgotten the memory of the doll.  It was so nice to have a little reminder of my childhood and something I can pass on to my own daughter.

Finally, my best friend's mom just couldn't help herself and bought A a little pair of pink Uggs! 

My favorite moments included everyone mingling together and getting a moment to eat some snacks and catch up!

And of course, I couldn't forget to highlight my girlfriend who was a week away from her due date and still made the trip!  Nothing like a little bump bumping when hugging :)   She gave birth to a healthy baby boy two days later!

And lastly, my outfit!  I bought this dress back in December for a Baptism with the hopes it'd still fit come my 3rd trimester.  The waist is elastic and while it's supposed to hit at my natural waist, there isn't too much a length issue when having ride a top my bump.  I was comfy and happy that I'll be able to re-wear the dress post-pregnancy since it is in my usual size!

Silk Scallop Wave Dress - Madewell (here) (similarish)
Silk Trim Ruffle Cardigan - Banana Republic (similarish)
Kimchi Blue O-Ring Belt - Urban Outfitters (similarish)
Theory Booties - Seychelles (here)
Pearl and Gold Ribbon Necklace - Etsy (was a bridesmaid gift!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Recipe Share Sunday] Leprechaun Punch

Last Saturday -St. Patrick's Day- amongst all the green themed food and beer, I made a non-alcoholic punch for everyone to enjoy.  I originally found this recipe on pinterest and had a few changes, it was so good and didn't last long!

2 Quarts Lime Sherbet
2 Liters Ginger Ale
36oz of Pineapple Juice (I used six 6oz cans)
Sliced Lemons and Limes
Maraschino Cherries

Mix and enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Party Planning] Baby Shower Dessert Details

One of my favorite details of the shower was the dessert buffet! 

My stepmom in law picked up the cupcakes and flag sugar cookies from a local bakery.  The cupcakes were true red velvet (no food dye!) with cream cheese icing and chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate butter cream icing.  I made some cupcake toppers in advance to keep the theme and colors consistent.

The flag cookies were inspired by this pin. My stepmother in law placed them in styrofoam rectangles and covered them with moss, perfect presentation!

My girlfriend made her go-to cake pops, brownie pops, and chocolate covered strawberries.  She put an "A" on the coral pops and used glitter sugar and peanut butter topping on the others.  The chocolate covered strawberries also got a touch of the peanut butter and they were so good!

Lastly, I offered to get in on the fun and made the rice krispie treats.  I was also inspired by this pin originally from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Not only are rice krispie treats super easy to make, but I had an excuse to use my bakers twine!

Not included on the table, but instead at each place setting, my stepmother in law made chocolate covered pretzels for each guest to take home.  She made a variety for each bag and packaged them similar to this pin.

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon sugar high!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Party Planning] Baby Shower Decor Details

A quick scroll through my Party Time pinterest board would give anyone a quick insight into what I'm drawn to - bold prints, soft colors, vintage touches like twine and handmade details, and of course, pennants!

After sending the link and discussing some options with my hosts of what I would like for my shower, they were able to run with ideas.  However, I couldn't help myself to add in a few things too since I just can't resist when it comes to crafting.

Since the restaurant was providing the hors d'oeuvres, I asked if we could do a dessert buffet as well for the guests to snack on throughout and also bag up and take home to their families as part of their 'favor'.  And, who can resist an excuse for a pretty and themed tablescape!

I made the three pennant banners since I now got it down to a fine art and can get them done quickly.  For each banner, I used 3 different sheets of scrap book paper (coral, mat yellow, and shiny yellow) and cut the flags into 3 rows for 4" flags (using the same method here, just smaller flags).  I hole punched the corners and wove the jute twine through.  My hosts hung them for me to the table cloths using safety pins.

In addition to the food, we had some cocktails offered as well.  Bellinis and flavored hard lemonades.  My stepmother in law, took it to the next level by making sure the bar staff rimmed the glasses in yellow sugar and used paper straws!

One of my girlfriends picked up the flowers, cheery Gerber daisies, and placed them in large mason jars and wrapped raffia around the top.  They were scattered through the room as centerpieces on the tables and on all the buffet tables as well.  I now have a few throughout my house and they just make me smile. 

Set up in the entrance to our private room, was the guest book table - complete with our own baby pictures!  The husband is on the left and I'm on the right.

Next to the guest book table were the shower favors, spiced nuts homemade by my stepmother in law.  She usually gives these as part of her Christmas Cookie collection and we actually prefer these to the cookies, they are so good!  She used mason jars with polka dot labels and wrapped them with raffia bows for packaging, so cute!

Finally, instead of the usual baby shower games, we asked the guests to "Decorate a Onesie".  I cut out paper onesies (again, using a variety of scrapbook paper) and we supplied scrapbook embellishments, glitter pens, stick-on pearls, stickers, and more.  We asked the guests to leave a message for Ashlynn on the back on the onesie and I plan on putting them together to make a little guest book keepsake for A's memory box.

Stay tuned for all the details on the desserts tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Babycakes] Baby Shower!

This past Sunday, my friends and family came together to shower our little baby with love (and lots presents!).  My step mother in law did a fabulous job as host with some help from my momma and my girlfriends. 

The shower was exactly how I pictured it - low key, casual, and inviting!  I'm not a fan of the overly formal showers where you are stuck at a table eating fancy plated meals.  I'm a grazer and since I'm a social butterfly usually mingling with friends, I prefer to pick at my plate then have a full 3 course meal.  So the buffet of hors d'oeuvres and dessert table were perfect.  The hosts definitely delivered a shower that was up my alley.

Since the nursery is slate with yellow, coral, and aqua accents, they went with the yellow and coral theme. It's amazing how closely the shower actually matches my last "Shower Inspiration" post!

We got some wonderful gifts for baby Ashlynn, everything from the practical to the "must haves" and the adorable to the sentimental. Now, I'm working on organizing it all!

I'll be posting through the week about the  individual details - including decor, food, favorite gifts, and what I wore!

The husband and I couldn't be grateful for our generous and loving family and friends!  Our baby girl is going to be so loved when she arrives!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Erin(n) Go Braugh!

I think I mention this every year, but my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day - you know, the two holidays that revolve around over imbibing in food and beer ;)   It's no surprise that those are the only two holidays we insist on hosting parties as well.

This year we kept our St. Patrick's Day party more low key, than our "1st Annual Beer Tasting" from last year.  We had the Husband's college friends, their wives, and children come down and stay for the weekend.  Since they are all out of state it was easiest with the Baby Shower being the next day.  It was also nice having a smaller crowd being that I'm pushing 8 months of pregnancy!

All the work I put in last year paid off this year, I had very little to do to prepare other than pulling out my St. Patrick's bin of fun and putting up the decorations - the pennants, the poms, and then working a spread that I already had all the kinks worked out of!

Aside from the Husband's contribution of the Doritos (heh!), I tried to stick to a Green or Irish spread.  Green and orange veggies (carrots, broccoli and celery) with veggie dip, chips and guacamole, spinach dip in a bread bowl, Dubliner Irish Cheddar and Dubliner Irish Cheddar with Stout, Irish soda muffins (courtesy from Nicole), mint chocolate cupcakes and of course Irish Potatoes!

We also had tomato pie, buffalo chicken dip, seven layer taco dip, sugar cookies, and a Irish dirt trifle on hand and later in belly.

 Don't forget the green olives and pistachios!

The Leprechaun Punch was a hit, and much appreciated by the pregnant woman (we out numbered the non-pregnant) and small children too!  I'll post the recipe share on Sunday!  The boys stuck to a fluid intake of Guinness and a variety of other stouts, ales, and maybe some coors light too.

As mentioned here, I also added some green paper straws to my collection of St. Patrick's decor and they were perfect! 

And finally in addition to the pong table in the driveway, it was absolutely gorgeous outside, NCAA March Madness was on every TV.  Well, until our littlest guests demanded some Dora and Mickey, which we happily obliged.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!