Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Wishlist Wednesday] I passed!

... so please pass the cupcakes

I just got word that I passed the glucose tolerance test and I couldn't be more thrilled since all I want right now is cake.  I had the best cupcake last night and I stole another at work today (that was leftover from yesterday) without any shame.  I also had cake on Sunday at a baby shower.  I'm becoming a cake monster.  Well, in addition to the avocado monster - but that's a story for another day!

I really haven't been cravings sweets like crazy until just recently, so hearing I don't have to give them up is awesome.  Granted, I usually always have a "treat" each night, but that's been a routine for most of my life.

Ok, so cupcakes aren't the only thing on my wishlist. Right now the Nest 'Hudson' Diaper Bag is high a top it.  (I'm really not sure which direction my grabby hands are going in - the bag or the cupcakes - truly is a toss up at the moment)

I am a tad concerned about the gigantic size of it on my 5'2" frame, but I figure with extra space taken by cloth diapering, I'll appreciate not having everything being a tight squeeze and getting completely lost.  Bonus, it will convert to a great travel bag for trips when Little A isn't in need of bringing bottles, change of clothing, snacks, pacifiers, bibs, blankets, toys, changing pads, wet bags, diapers, wipes, and who knows what else where ever we go.  I'm generally not a fan of printed baby bags, so I love how discreet this one is while still being completely functionable.

Anyone have this bag?  Any other diaper bag raves to share??


  1. Congrats on your test! Yummy cupckaes and beautiful bags...I'd say you're having a fantastic week! :)

  2. i have always really loved that diaper bag!

  3. Yay for passing the test! I have the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby bag and I ADORE it. It has a ton of inside pockets, I can squish it into any odd shaped space and is super lightweight AND machine washable. I can just throw it in the washer and poof! It looks brand new. People always ask me if it's actually a baby bag.

  4. THe bag is very cute. I think the size should be fine. I'm 5'1 and my bag is around the same height and width-a little smaller. It doesn't overpower my small frame. I'm using the Ralph Lauren Newbury classic tote as a diaper bag and I absolutely love it. It's functional and cute.

  5. love that bag! already have it bookmarked as a favorite. and i still have 6 months to go. :) loving your blog! mandee sent me your link after we talked about cloth diapers the other day. yay!


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