Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[Little Room] Update of Sorts

Just thought I'd post a few "in progress" photos of how the room is coming along.   There is still a ton to do, but the fact that we are finally getting some furniture (holy cow, a crib!) really is starting to make this feel real, aside from the jabs I get from the inside!

I had mentioned how we changed our minds on the dresser, saved $100, and picked up the 3-Drawer Hemnes instead of the 8-Drawer.

The dresser is 43" long and fits perfect on 52" wall.  It's also a perfect length for adding a changing pad.  There won't be much room for additional goodies like a wipe warmer or basket full of diapering needs, but that's what the top drawer is for....

I am OBSESSED with the Skubb drawer organizers from Ikea (at only $8 for 6).  Little clothes is so hard to wrangle, so it'll be great to organize onesies from sleepers from sleepsacks in the drawers below and and of course organize the beginning of my cloth diaper collection up top with all the bits and pieces like inserts, snappies, covers, and other accessories or needs.

The drawers also came with their own lining built in (which my previous Ikea furniture never did, so woohoo for upgrades!).  And naturally, I'm in love as it's the perfect shade of yellow stripes to match the rest of the room.


As I mentioned (here and here), I swapped the knobs that came with the dresser for some pretties from Anthropologie.  I got the Sunflower Medallion Knobs in Coral for the top drawer and Bubbled Glass Knobs in Clear for the bottom two drawers.

Speaking of clothes filling the drawers, clothes are definitely starting to fill her closet!

She is going to be one well dressed baby!

In other room news, here's the current state of the room in the form of some before and afters (after's being "in progress" as we are no where near finished)....

The chair is just there temporarily as it was moved from the basement and needed a home.  It also is helping with space planning while we make the decision on which glider/rocker we'll be ordering.  I love seeing everything slowly come together. It's already quickly becoming my favorite space in the house! 


  1. It's really coming along!! Love the Hemnes dresser and those drawer organizers are awesome!! Must check them out!

  2. It's looking really cute! Love those little knobs on your dresser...the whole thing is gonna be so cute! And how fun to see all those cute little girl clothes hanging in the closet!!

  3. So sweet! I love the drawer liners; that's amazing how they perfectly match. It's really coming together!

  4. Those drawer organizers are just so perfect!

    You have such great taste - everything is coming together so good!

  5. Natasha - The organizers are great! They come in a 6pack with 2 of each size. I was crazy about the smallest ones, but I love them now! Perfect for socks, bows, and any will be great for lotions, ointments, and first aid tools too!

    Jenni - Thanks! I can't wait to have it be finished!

    Leslie - I was searching all over ikea thinking they were adhesive, but the drawers came with them already printed on. So excited haha

    Holly - Thanks! I hope she loves it!!

  6. ahhhh, I love the drawer organizers!! You will be amazed at how fast they grow out of all the newborn clothes. I have a 21-month-old and I miss those newborn clothes so much.

  7. Loving the before and after pics of each section of her room! Wishing I had done that...
    We use the Skubb organizers for our Hemnes dresser, too, and agree they are great for itty bitty things! Speaking of clothes, much as I love dressing my little boy, I'm a sucker for baby girl clothes and love your collection so far. Isn't it addicting? Great progress on the room! :)

  8. I'm going to have to make a trip to IKEA for those drawer organizers. PS the nursery quickly became my favorite space in the house too =)


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