Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[Home Decor] Ditching the Plans

Last weekend, finally free of any obligations, I was able to drag the Husband to Ikea.  Since February (holy shit you guys, it's February already!) and March are already booking up with places to be and things to do, I knew I wanted to pick some things up to give me projects to work on and and a nursery to set up.

We had a pretty good idea of what we going to pick up. Like the Hemnes Dresser, which I already picked up 4 pretty knobs for for the tops drawers.

This would go on the long wall that the door opens towards and we'd place the changing pad on top like so...

...but after seeing the smaller option that we knew would fit on the short wall next to the closet, we changed our minds, and kept $100 in our pockets.

While I originally wanted to use that little wall for the changing pad area, I was having trouble find a dresser that would fit the space.  I'm glad the Husband, convinced me to go off plan, because as soon as we brought it home, the room immediately shrunk.  Plans of having the crib and chair on the same wall were crushed, so at least now the chair will have space on the wall where the dresser would have gone.  (I'll show pics of the progress soon, right now it's a land of ladders and tools).

We also decided since we moved all our "office" furniture to the basement and made some changes there - which I also need to post about - that we would update the curtains in the living room and move the white ones to the basement.  We grabbed these on whim...
However, they don't totally go with the current color scheme - which is great!  Now I have an excuse to make some other updates.

While this pictures is old (circa November 2010), it still looks a bit the same.  I can't wait to DIY some art for the wall left of the window and order a new pillow covers to pull in the blues. Got to love simple changes to refresh what feels stale.

I have lots of new options to work though now, and Spring Cleaning is officially underway.  I'll share some of ideas I have in mind soon!


  1. So funny...I really love the Hemnes dresser too but worry it won't really fit in the room. Love that you went a different direction! Can't wait to see the room come together!

  2. I'm glad you made the best choice for your space! I can't wait to see how it's coming together. :) Your little one will be here soon!

  3. So glad you went with that dresser. BTW, you must get a pouf like the one in the first picture, love it.

  4. how adorable! were having a little girl and ive been saving so many nursery inspirations on pinterest! :)


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