Monday, February 6, 2012

[Going Green] There is a crib in my house?!

It's here!!

The crib decision was one that we put a lot of thought and care into.  I cared about a lot more than just the aesthetics since the baby will be spending about 75% or so of her time there once we get her sleeping and napping in it regularly.

Originally, I was turned on to the fact that a crib is more than just a piece of furniture after reading this post on Young House Love.  I had no idea that cribs were made with MDF or that MDF was constructed with glue that off gases formaldehyde - a known carcinogen.   I don't even want to get a Brazilian Blowout because of the formaldehyde, why would I want my baby breathing that in night after night?  So right then, in February 2010 (before any pregnancy) I knew I would make our future crib decision with care.

... granted, I'm fully aware we just purchased Ikea furniture to go in her room as well, which is clearly made from MDF (particle board), but she hopefully won't be teething on the bookcase or sleeping through the night on, or in, the dresser (fingers crossed!!).  The proximity of the crib and mattress were our greatest concerns. And like I said in the last Green post, you win some, you lose some.  You just make decisions based on what's best for you, your ideals, and your budget!

When I was first pregnant in Fall of 2010, I dove in head first naive as can be.  Before my first doctor appointment, I had researched cribs, cloth diapers, strollers, and of course, nursery ideas.  I was all in.  Weeks later after the loss, I still couldn't bring myself to delete the bookmarks of articles about 'greener' products and what to look for (like this one).  So lucky for me, half my work was done this time around when I finally started to peek at them again around 17 weeks. 

My in laws had very generously offered to buy our crib and just wanted to know which one we would be choosing.  After my online research and consulting Baby Bargains (a must for any mom-to-be trying to navigate the confusing world of neverending baby products), I knew the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Modern Crib was our winner.
  • Based on looks, I loved the modern lines.  Also, no sleigh style, high ends, and the crib is only 35" high, which is great for my 5'2" frame.  Reaching in to check on baby won't cut me off at the ribs. It actually hits me at the top of my hip bones.
  • The crib is constructed of 100% solid wood.  However, it should be noted that wood is New Zealand pine (grown in sustainable forests - bonus!) and is known to be one of the softest woods on the market, and therefore will be prone to dings.  At the same time, this is what is keeping the cost of the crib reasonable (just under $400) and not over $800 like eco-friendly cribs made of bamboo or beechwood.
  • There are no toxic finishes in the paint - which is great if she ever decides the rails make wonderful teething rings.
  • There are 4 levels, a toddler rail, and it fully converts to a toddler bed.  So our money is well spent that this crib will live longer than the 24 or so months (give or take) she sleeps in it.

The mattress decision was made similarly.  I knew I wanted an organic mattress and was a big fan of the Naturepedic line.  Again, after consulting baby bargains and weighing (quite literally) the pros and cons of coils vs. filled, I decided that the No-Compromise Lightweight Organic Classic 2-Stage Mattress would be easier for those middle of the night sheet changes since it weighs significantly less at only 10-12lbs.   It is also 2-sided which will be great when she is a toddler and ready for a little bit of a softer mattress compared to the firm sided infant side. 

I actually built the crib myself this weekend.  My in laws had to run after bringing it by with some bagels (yum!) and the Husband was being the resident nerd doing our taxes that morning.  I got it together in less then an hour.  I only needed assistance when connecting the mattress spring to the crib itself - one person to hold while the other screws it in.  There was zero damage during shipping and all the parts were accounted for, easy peasy.   I'm pretty sure we decided on bedding, now just need to get the guts to order that as well!

I have some other pictures of the in progress shots, I'll hopefully be able to share those today or tomorrow along with some other details from our weekend.  Happy Monday everyone!

* I am not sponsored or perked by BabyEarth, Babyletto, or Naturepedic.  I just love the BabyEarth website, product lines carried, and user reviews.  I am only including links for those interested in following the research path I took myself.


  1. Thanks for sharing! The crib looks beautiful, and I love it with the wall color. I totally agree about having a crib as non-toxic as possible. If I'm ever lucky enough to have a little one, I'll definitely be coming back to this post!

  2. So many great tips here Erinn! Thanks so much! I'm off to check out Baby Bargains and the green article! :)

    Oh and yes...LOVE the's really perfect against the dark walls! :)

  3. <3! I could have written this post :) We bought the exact same crib for the exact same reasons (I also read the YHL post, so helpful)! I'm so glad we went with real wood because baby girl has gnawed her way through that crib - teething pains. Can't wait to see what bedding you pick, love the wall color.

  4. Congrats on the new crib! It looks wonderful, and the greener aspects of it definitely make it worth the money. I love the idea of it being made from natural wood too, and being finished with non-toxic paint!

  5. Leslie - It's so funny who think that mattresses and furniture could be bad for your health! I know I'm being "crunchy" but why can't things just be made naturally!!

    Natasha - thanks lady, can't wait to see what you do!

    Rachee - I've heard about a lot of little ones teething on their cribs, so I'm glad this one is a safe as can be! Glad little Munchie loves her crib :)

    AmyK - Thanks! For us the "eco-friendly"ness was a no brainer

  6. Hi! I know this post is a few years old, but was hoping you might still respond! How has the mattress worked out for you? We are expecting next month and purchased this mattress, but I found that the infant side is extremely firm - I know firm is recommended, but I am concerned it may be too firm to be comfortable. Would love to hear how it has worked out for you!


  7. Hi! We have loved the mattress. I actually took apart her crib today. I actually have two of those mattresses since I bought another for our second. They are so easy to take out to do sheet changes because of the lightweight. And, I'm probably the opposite of you, I wanted the mattress to be as firm as possible and didn't flip to the toddler side until she turned 2.

  8. I'm first disclaiming, I'm not an expert, but I would think - or at least based on my experiences- that baby will be more used to routine than actual surfaces. My girls slept in a variety of places, rock n play, swing, bassinet, crib,etc. I think as long as he/she sleeps on a schedule, the location won't matter. Plus every few weeks/months, they change their patterns anyway - gotta keep mom and dad on their toes, tricky babies!

  9. Thanks so much for your reply! It is helpful to hear from other moms with experience :-) When you had the mattress in the crib, did you notice that any of the corners didn't fit quite as snugly as the others? One corner on ours isn't quite touching the crib rail and I am concerned it is not a good fit...but I could be over thinking this (like everything else).


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