Friday, February 3, 2012

Five and Five: Shopping List

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1 - No stretch marks to report of yet (...though that belly button is barely hanging on as an innie). However, like every winter, I have MAJOR dry skin.  Mixing the hot showers, dry heat, and now stretching skin equals a whole lot of itch.  I've been using this fab lotion that my stepmom got me for Christmas - it seriously smells amazing!... But, it's time to upgrade to a cream.  The belly is growing and I want to do what I can for those stretch marks to stay non-existent!  While pricy, I've heard great things about L'Occitane Mom and Baby Balm.

2 - I kept two of the coral knobs, and swapped the other two for these bubble glass pulls earlier in the week. Pics to come!

3 -  After seeing these on Natasha's blog, I grabbed a pair for a friend who is expecting a little boy in a few short weeks. Adorable!

4 - In addition to buying the smaller dresser last weekend at ikea, we got another 8 shelf expedit bookcase (our third!).  After reassessing the space in the nursery, we'll be taking it back to swap with the smaller 4 shelf guy.

5 - It's amazing how things work sometimes.  You may remember be complaining that my sunglasses were giving me these red flakey patches where they sat on the bridge of my nose last summer.  For the most part I stopped wearing them.  The other morning, I wore them on my 15 minute drive into work in the morning, when I got home from work 8 hours or so later, I could see two little red marks.  I'm SO done with the glasses. 

I had thought about buying the Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses last summer, but couldn't stomach the $399 price tag at the time.  When I saw an alert for a Tom Ford Sunglass sample sale on Beyond the Rack, I snagged them faster than I had time to regret my decision.  All set for summer now!


  1. Still obsessed with those little booties! And I have the TF sunglasses and LOVE them!! You will do! Happy Friday! :)

  2. They are really cute :) and too funny that you have the sunglasses as well! I was thinking about them that same morning in the car like 'maybe I should buy them now that they are last season and mine are headed to the trash'... low and behold sample sale same day with 50% off! Done and done!

  3. LOVE my tom fords - and you will too! glad you got a good deal on them. happy friday :)

    a peek of chic

  4. Love the sunglasses. Yay for no stretchmarks; that body butter sounds amazing. I can't wait to see how your nursery is coming together!

  5. Yay for no stretchmark! Somehow I made it through 3 pregnancies without ever getting any...and the last one was 10 lbs 2 oz! Love those Ikea shelves...I plan on getting a few when we move this summer to replace some older stuff we have. Have a great weekend!
    PS--Come stop by my blog and enter my V-day necklace giveaway!

  6. I have the L'Occitane "mom and baby lotion" which isn't really for stretchmarks, but I looove the smell and light texture and use it both on my skin and little one's. I'm sure the balm is even better!

  7. I adore those little shoes! We actually got them for our little one's coming home outfit (if only he would actually decide to get here!) Great picks!!


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