Wednesday, January 25, 2012


..... bet you didn't see that one coming!

Our Little A has a name.  The name was actually really simple for us since we've loved it for what seems like years now.  To me, Ashlynn is a modern take on the classically Irish Aisling - which can be be difficult for a lot of people to figure out the proper pronunciation (or spelling), which is "Ash-lin" though a lot of people use "A's - lin", and the "g"... totally silent, which can throw people for a loop when trying spell over the phone.  You know, sorta like a double N in Erinn.   Oh wait, there is a double N in Ashlynn?... well call it 29 years of brainwashing, but two N's just look better to me than one!

Going Irish was pretty simple, we both have Irish Names and an Irish last name with just seems to flow better than say something Italian, which we don't have any heritage of anyway.

Lastly, it means "Dream".  Which this little girl of mine has been for a long, long time.

Oh and Hazel, I'm sure you can figure that out!..... We can't wait to meet you A!


  1. Oh yayy!! Just love this name! So so sweet! :)

  2. What a sweet name, I love it!!

  3. Love the name! If we'd had a girl, her name would definitely have started with and A also...I love so many A names :)

  4. Love love love the name! How absolutely perfect!! Congrats :)

  5. Thanks girls! We are so excited :)

    Erica - we love "A" names too, almost all our favorite names start with A.

  6. Your post is so sweet! I love the name; it sounds perfect for your family. :)


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