Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowflakes and Random Thoughts

1.  It snowed for the 1st time since Halloween.  Welcome Winter, Baxter is very happy to see you.

2.  Apparently, I've had a dislocated rib for the last month.  True Story.

3.  I just made a ridiculous smoothie and will share the recipe tomorrow!

4.  Custom curtains ordered - check!  Crib and Mattress ordered -  (eek!) check! (thanks to my in-laws!) Blinds put back up after painting - No Check... can't figure it out.  We got one set up, the other is being quite stubborn.  And as a result, after my daily stare at the closet of cute little clothing (which is continuing to grow), I glare angrily at the half blindless window.

5.  Go Dog Go is Baby A's favorite book.  It's also the Husband's favorite childhood book.  I told him he needs to "talk to her" more so she can get to know his voice, so he'll be soothing when she arrives.  He feels a bit uncomfortable having conversations with her while I "sit in" on them.  He said instead that he'll read to her, which is probably the thing he's looking forward to most after her arrival.  He went to the bookstore the other night and picked up a bunch of books, of course we started with Go Dog Go and while he read the story at bedtime, she was kicking up a storm the whole time!  Granted, she normally has a little bedtime energy burst, but this was a full out dance party.  I have a feeling I'll know this book by heart before she's even here.


  1. We finally got snow here too!! We haven't had any since October nuts! And so cute that your husband is reading to baby girl. So so sweet! :)

  2. So happy that we got some snow too! I love it!
    And I bet that little girl was so happy that daddy was reading to her, she's already daddy's girl.


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