Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five and Five: Color Evolution

When I first started decorating the nursery in my mind, it looked a little like this....

When we found out we were having a girl, I decided to not go so crazy with the modern graphic prints and have some softer touches, while still going with the original color plans...

Then I decided on an evolved color scheme in my head, that would still stay true to my non-straight out of a nursery catalog look, while still being modern and girly at the same time - without being PINK.  I'm going for the unexpected here, folks....

slate, mustard/sunny yellow, coral, and aqua

After the room was finally cleared on Saturday, I unloaded the loot!

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1.  George the Terrier is a must.  I've been looking for an excuse to grab this little 'Boston Bank' for awhile now.  Nothing like teaching her young about saving money, I mean we parents are accountants after all - who would have guessed, right??

2. I bought this print from Etsy back in the summer.  It was shortly after I posted this Ode to Pennants.  I figured it'd eventually live in a nursery, or possibly even a guest bathroom until that time came.

3. Mr. Pig.  This was my 8th Grade Shop Class Project.  I kid you not.  I already mastered the skills of a key rack and coat rack earlier in my middle school career, so when given the option of making a step stool or a shelf in the shape of an animal came in 8th grade, you bet I picked the cute little piggy.  This guy has traveled from my bedroom I grew up in, to my dorm room, to my college apartment, to the storage space in our adult home where the Husband no longer had to look at it.  He's in a real bad need of a paint job - the pig, not the Husband.  I'm still deciding between coral and aqua. I guess we'll see what the room needs more of... yellow is the primary accent, with coral and aqua being secondary touches.

4. A is for Anthro.  Not really, A is for Baby A. And the coral knobs will be for A's dresser once we pick it up and put it together (hopefully in two weeks - I want this schtuff off the floor!).

5. Another Anthro pick up (along with the elephant hook I didn't mention sitting on the pig shelf).  I used my 15% off Birthday Discount on Sunday to pick up all these goodies.  The vase was a last second grab.  To be honest, I'm not sure how many non-child friendly things I can really put in the room.  The zinc A will hang out of little hands way on the wall, George will be placed on a shelf, but the vase...  It might just look pretty somewhere until someone is old enough to toddle around and knock it over.  It just fit the color scheme so well I couldn't pass it up.  It may go back, well see what happens as the space evolves...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Things are really coming together! I love the shelf you made in shop class; I can already see that her room is going to be full of so many personalized and sweet touches.

  2. I am LOVING the coral pop of color! Will look so wonderful in the room along with the slate, mustard and aqua. Perfect color scheme if you ask me!! :)

  3. Love the color and how it's already in your blog banner! Decorating a nursery has to be the most fun thing ever, in my opinion:)

  4. Leslie - Aww, I can only hope! And I love that you love the beat up little piglet. Can't wait to see how he looks freshened up!

    Natasha - Thanks!

    Julia - seriously, the blog banner has been that way since last year! I have major problems veering away from set color schemes. The colors in our house match our wedding colors, and now the nursery matches my blog banner. I guess I like what I like!!

  5. i bought those exact knobs for my bathroom -- in yellow. (i WANTED the coral so bad, but I have nothing to match)

  6. Adorable! I almost went the modern jonathon adlet-ish route myself but then decided to go for soft blue and zoo animals....so predictable! I love what you have so far!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. just found your blog! love your color scheme-the coral especially! love that you are not going the traditional pink route! Excited to see how it comes together!


  8. I love that giraffe print! Just found your blog, it's fabulous, I'm a new fan!


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