Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every Morning...


Every morning after getting ready, I stop in the nursery before I head downstairs.  After our "reveal" I bought some itty bitty hangers to hang up her itty bitty clothes.  I go in her room and peek in the closet and dream of reasons that would be appropriate to put a newborn in a bathing suit.

Maybe we'll have "Swim Suit Sundays" in our house, where she can just rock out summer style in between naps and feedings.  All I know, is that little suit's ruffly butt makes me melt.

I told the Husband about my new habit, the morning closet peeks, and he admitted he's been known to check out her room before he leaves the house from time to time too - only instead of drooling over adorable clothes, he admires our paint job....

If you aren't interested in the itty bitty sizes and prefer the adult sized clothing, I'm wearing the following:


  1. That is so sweet of the two of you - means you're both so excited for baby!

  2. #1 u look great. #2 omg those bathing suits. I'm dead.

  3. That's so sweet. You are absolutely adorable! And I love that your honey checks out the paint job; it's so exciting!

  4. that baby butt SLAYS me! everything about this post makes me happy.

    even the title. it is also the name of the song S and I danced to on our wedding day. (and just to clarify, NOT sugar ray. keb mo.)

  5. The little ruffle bottom is SOOO cute!!! And you do look stunning!! Just glowing! :)

  6. Awww that is really sweet! I think the bathing suit is adorable I also love the ruffled bottom underpants (diaper covers).

  7. Lisa - True story! We can't wait :)

    Heather - It's an odd obssession, but the little bathing suits (baby gap and nordstrom) just kill me. I die.

    Leslie - Thanks!.. and I know I laughed when he said he did that, but it's pretty cute too!

    Sarah - You make me happy ;)

    Natasha - Thanks lady! I think my face perfectly sums up exactly how I feel about that little tush.

    Schnelle - Oh I can't wait to buy some little ruffled diaper covers, so cute!

  8. Oh I see a little belly, so cute! You look great.

  9. Take a baby swim class! Then you can put her in it all the time. :-) My daughter had a swimsuit that matched mine, and I did *not* buy them together, or even from the same store. I felt silly, but it was too cute to pass up!

  10. haven't read your blog in ages but wanted to stop by and say you look adorable and um CONGRATS!! =) Miss ya!

  11. Rosa - Oh the belly definitely doesn't seem little! haha, this was from after New Years... after next week, I'll post the progression next week :)

    dannyscotland - great idea, though I'm not sure if 0-3months is probably too young. I guess that means I'll just have to buy more in bigger sizes (any excuse right??)

    Amber - !!! Hi lady! I have still been following you, but haven't always had a chance to comment. I can't wait to watch you on Survivor ;)

  12. Aww I'm so happy for you! I used to do that too..peek in the nursery in the morning. Well it was when I got home from work too. Even now, 8 months later. I'm still in love with the room and blissfully happy that there is a baby in it. :)


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