Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Crafty Lady] Side Project

Along with painting, furnishing, and decorating the nursery... and doing all sorts of other baby prep, I have a little list of side projects.  Some are updates around the house, some are little crafty things to make their way into the nursery, and some are just totally and completely random.

I just ordered this amazing fabric from  While not the cheapest fabric around, I didn't need too much - and hopefully it won't be too delayed before I can show you why. 

Yeah, I know.  How predictable.  Pennants.


  1. Lovin the pennants...or bunting...whatever it's called!! :)

  2. Love pennants. And love all of your first-timer energy and creativity!!

  3. I can't wait to see your project!

  4. Natasha - you'd think I'd be over them by now considering how popular and oversaturated they seem (they sell them now at PB Kids for crying out loud!)... but I can't get over it

    Julia - we'll see how long this burst of energy lasts! I'm thinking maybe I got 4-6 more weeks to work with! LOL!

    Leslie - Can't wait to share it, hope the fabric doesn't take too long to arrive!


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