Monday, January 16, 2012

Bump-date: 5th Month (18-22 Weeks)

It feels like it's been FOREVER since I posted my pictures of my growing bump. The 4th month seemed to fly by, but the 5th has totally dragged... it was probably that 5th week added in. (I'm going by the monthly break down in What to Expect When You're Expecting).

Let's get started. 

(still easily concealed in looser tops, though I think this is where I started getting the 'is she pregnant or putting on weight?' side eyes)

(oh, how obvious it is I still miss my caffeine in the morning!)

Slow and steady it's growing, I'm definitely still very happy to be fitting in most my regular tops and sweaters. I did finally buy some more basics from Gap Maternity (long sleeves, t-shirts, and camis) to wear under my normal cardigans since I think I'll need the added length soon.

Last Friday, I got my first prenatal massage. It was glorious. I had snagged a groupon deal a month back, so I still have the gift card that the Husband got me for my birthday. I'm going to try to wait another month before putting that one to use! I can definitely see how they could be addicting...

I also realized I haven't revealed our baby name yet.... soon. It's coming!

And finally, when we were home between Christmas and New Year's we had fully painted the nursery. Since the husband was home to attempt to use the DSLR (my god is camera challenged!), I had him snap some bump shots in the nursery for a little before and after.

Finally painted!

I actually did the trim and doors this past weekend, the outlet covers have been put back on, and the last of the office furniture has been removed. We are ready to decorate!!


  1. Congrats- so wonderful to keep track of the growing little love. I enjoyed it even when I got ginormous. You are little!
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Love the color you picked----and your adorable bump.

  3. Oh you're looking so so great!! The bump is definitely there and you're simply glowing! Funny...I've been looking forward to the 5th month the most!! I feel like the 4th month has dragged by! :) the yellow blouse! Is it still available?!

  4. You look SO great!!! I cant wait to see what the nursery looks like! Love that paint color- care to share?

  5. Thanks Marie and Julia!

    Natasha - the blouse is from 2010 :( It's the flowering pastures blouse from anthro (dolan), summer 2010

    Christine - the color is Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate :)

  6. You look great! Love those riding boots so much.

    The wall paint is great. Can't wait to see the decorations.

  7. super cute! love your pregnancy style! and congratulations on the girl. my first baby is a girl... not so much a baby anymore at 4 years old, but still "my baby" nonetheless :) enjoy!

  8. Love the paint colors and hon - you look AMAZING! Just glowing! Love it!

  9. Wow! You are so on top of things! I'm due end of feb and we just painted in December and just this weekend cleared out most of the stuff in the nursery to make room for the crib and changing table. You put me to shame! LOL! You look adorable...congrats!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. Great photos. That one of you in front of the slate wall is amazing - you are positively glowing!

  11. Mere - Thank you! The boots are Miz Mooz, I got them in 2010, but they have a similar style this year.

    Aimee - aww, of course your "baby" is still your baby.

    10years - Thanks lady!

    Mimi - Haha, we haven't decided if its early nesting or just my usual OCD tendencies :) I figured we'd paint early so I could get on that ladder and cut in at the ceilining.

    LifeBegins - Thank you! That's one of my favorite pics too :)


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