Monday, January 23, 2012

[Babycakes] 5th Month Run Down

Today marks the start of my 6 month, the last month in my 2nd Tri.  I thought since I don't do weekly posts about the pregnancy progress, just whatever is randomly on my mind, I'd post a bunch of random facts - one for myself, as a way to journal and two for those who are interested in the journey.

1 - Weird habit.  I haven't worn nail polish since before I got my positive pregnancy test.  I know some Essie polishes still have formaldehyde and other not so pregnancy friendly chemicals, so I just avoided it.  Also, my nails are growing LIKE CRAZY!  It seems like more effort than it's worth to have paint them every 5 days or less at the rate they are growing.

2 - Sleep.  Sleep has been hit or miss for me since about 7 or 8 weeks.  At first it was for the 3 bathroom breaks I was forced to take during the night, then it led into some crazy back pain.  I only really get up about once now for the bathroom, and my back has been significantly better since having my rib put back in place.

3 - Weight gain.  Our scale is broken at home so I only get weighed at my appointments.  I have another one on Wednesday, but as of last month (at 19 wks) I was up 9lbs.

4 - Cravings.  Still haven't really had any "send the Husband to the grocery store" type cravings. While earlier on I was craving animal protein (since I don't eat it other than fish), I haven't really had too much of that since.  I notice a lot I find myself wanting a salad with crisp and crunchy lettuce.  I don't know if it's because it just sounds refreshing, and it's definitely not the lettuce itself I have to have, more than the texture and coolness of it.  At least it's healthy!

I do get a fleeting craving for cake or cupcakes every now and then, but the pass as quickly as they come...

5 - Favorite Thing #1.  Baxter and Penny are constantly piled up on my belly.  It's like they are penguins taking turns incubating an egg.  She's actually been kicking them a lot now, so I wonder if she can hear or feel their heartbeats. They haven't really seemed to notice the kicks, but Baxter definitely gave me a funny look when he got one whomping.

6 -  Shopping.  After we found out she was a girl, I bought her some clothes from Baby Gap and added a few maternity staples to my order (plain tank, v-necks, and long sleeve shirts).  I figured I would be able to wear them under my regular cardigans and tops.  This past week I finally found the need to wear them.  I still fit in a lot of my regular tops, but it's nice to have the extra length.  I ordered a few more things last week - a pair of jeans, some more t's and tanks for spring when I will definitely need them, and of course, more clothes for Baby A!

7 - Favorite Thing #2.  I already mentioned this over the weekend, but dance party that goes on when Husband reads to her makes my heart melt.  She knows her daddy.  And it's official, she's a much bigger fan of Go Dog Go, than Are You My Mother?..... Wonder how she would take to Harry Potter??? 

8 - Belly Button.  It's definitely changing.  Still an innie, but I think it's days are numbered.

9 - Worries.  I haven't had too many the last few weeks, it's been a first!  However, now that I have an appointment on Wednesday all the "what ifs" are coming back.  They are always so nerve wracking!  Fingers crossed all is well!

10 - Size of Baby.  According to Babycenter, she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound - about the size of a large mango.

11 - Favorite Moment of the 5th Month - I wish I could say the whole month!  Movement really picked up and we found she was a she and that she was completely healthy!  I finally dropped my guard and got excited that we may really get to meet her in May and we even started the nursery decorations.  The shower planning is underway and overall, aside from my back, I had little symptom complaints.  It was by far my favorite month.  Can't wait to see how Month 6 measures up.

.... If I had to pick a favorite moment, it'd be the reveal.

Did/do you have any weird pregnancy habits?


  1. Love the overview and hearing about the pups being right on your belly! SO sweet! :) And also love that baby A knows her daddy's voice. That just brings a big smile to my face! I hope Month 6 is even better! :)

  2. That's so sweet! I love that she gets excited about hearing her Dad read to her. What an amazing time for you all. It sounds like you're doing great!

  3. Oh I love your updates. Just say positive, all is well and your appointment on Wed is going to be great.

  4. Natasha - I hope month 6 rocks too! I have a feeling 3rd tri will bring on the discomfort, so I'm hoping to squeeze one more month of (body) bliss out of this!

    Leslie - Thanks, I think I get the most excited to the way she reacts - damn pregnancy hormones!

    Rosa - Thanks girl! Staying positive!

  5. I know I'm REALLY late with this, but CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you and your hubby! I love reading your update posts and hearing about your husband reading to her just melted my heart :)


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