Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

This was truly the most amazing year - ever!... like Taylor Swift style EVER.

A little look back....


Last New Year's Eve when the clock hit midnight we opened our gender reveal gifts and found out we were having a baby GIRL!

I shared our favorite brunch recipe and I shared my secret morning ritual of checking out the freshly painted nursery and looking at Little A's closet full of tiny clothes.


We got our crib, some nursery furniture, and I picked out my diaper bag.


We got to see Little A in 3D, I had my fabulous baby shower,  and threw our annual St. Patrick's Day party.


The surprise birth our of daughter Ashlynn Hazel, 5 weeks early, on April 18.


We had our family photos and newborn photos done and celebrated my first Mother's Day!


We celebrated Father's Day, made the switch to cloth diapers, and got Ashlynn's photos back.


I shared my favorite and first hand-me-down heirloom to A, upgraded to MacBook, and made some yummy homemade granola bars.


We took Ashlynn to beach (and my hometown) for the first to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary.


Ashlynn had her first babysitter (Mimi) and we threw a Very Hungry Caterpillar Sprinkle for a friend who was welcoming the first boy into our gang of girls!


We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, started A solids, and of course ended with Halloween.


We sold our home, celebrated Thanksgiving, and took A to the park instead of the store on Black Friday.


And ended the year with meeting Santa, moving out of our home, celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas at our InLaws, and taking a family trip to Longwood Gardens (recap still to come).

It's been an amazing year, and I can't wait to countdown to midnight - if I'm actually awake! to see what 30 has in store!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 36

day late, dollar short.  pics are included from the last two weeks....

18lb 2oz - 58%
(and height 25 3/4"- 10% and head 17"- 45%)

Finally slowing down a tad in the weight department, my back has never been more thankful.  Still a little shortcake, but has still grown 8.5" since birth, so no worries on the target since she's doing well on her curve.

Experienced our first "cold", though it was more like a bug.  Saturday she started her first runny nose and by that evening she had a fever.  I took it at around 2am and it was 102.2 so I gave her a dose of tylenol.  By morning it dropped to 101.2, did another dose and it came down and we just monitored her.  She would go back and forth between her happy self and a bit of fuss, after an afternoon nap (since we were up every 45minutes the night before) she was back up to 102.7.  Another dose and luke warm bath and I think it broke.  Was back to normal at bed and thankfully hasn't returned.  Even her runny nose stopped the next day just in time for Santa (Christmas Eve)!

We have a bit of a routine now that we've been room sharing at the inlaws for over a week.  We put her to bed with the dim light on in the corner, it's about 30 watts.   I think when her first sleep cycle ends around 9:30, she wakes and doesn't put herself back since the light is on.  I've now been turning it off and she seems to be doing better.  Still wakes around 1 or 2am and again between 4-5am.  I'd LOVE to break that last wake up, but it seems virtually impossible while sleeping in the same room and trying to have courtesy for our hosts even though they swear they can't hear her.

Mainly 6-12M.  Picked up some 9M fleece jammies since they keep the house cool at night and they fit her great.

Thursday was closing.  We officially said goodbye to our house the night before with a rush to get the final items and the Husband cleaned it from top to bottom since I had to get A home to bed.   (God love him!)  At closing Ashlynn was a peach.  She was so well behaved and just hamming it up to our buyers and the agents.

We had lunch with Bopo on Friday as he was passing through town after our GI Appt.   Did some last minute shopping, took a trip to the ER for mommy (yeah, well get to that) and just had a lot of family time at the house for the holidays while Nana, PopPop, and baby all tried to recover from colds.

This week we added peach in the form of Peach Applesauce, naturally a hit.  We mixed it with some pumpkin too.  We just started broccoli a few days ago, mixing that with some green beans (a favorite) and apples.

She's gone back and forth on intake.  Before her fever hit she was up to almost 8oz a day, lately she's barely hitting 4.  No stress about it.  Milk is still the number one source of nutrition, she'll eat when she's hungry just like she's proven so far.  Hoping to add chicken soon.

Baby Gear Love:
We finally used our stroller 'big girl' style with A actually sitting in the stroller, not the carseat.  There is a park around the corner from the house so we've been taking some family walks with the dogs.  So have to put our Britax B-Agile stroller this week.

Also loving infant tylenol, our nosefrida, and boogie wipes.  We use the nosefrida and boogie wipes fairly regularly since A has always had some congestion, but it was a whole other game.

Last is a combination of her Smartwool beanie, Northface jacket, and wrapping paper.  It was baby's first Christmas afterall!

Nothing out of the ordinary.  Still hates riding in the car at night.  Wasn't too happy a camper when trying to sleep with a fever.

On Saturday afternoon I was all set to meet with my MOH, who finally just moved back to Philly from Nashville, for lunch, but around 1pm started getting this stabbing pain in my upper abdomen.  I laid down, but it didn't get any better.  After 2 hours and it still being just as intense, we finally went to the hospital just in case it was something like my gallbladder or appendix.  Long story short, as with most visits to the ER, we stayed for 5 hours and tests were inconclusive.  Still haven't been feeling 100%, so going to call my regular doctor.

Ashlynn was a trooper!  We were there an hour past her bedtime and she only had minimal fussing.

Seems like a big week.  We started with taking a ride in the shopping cart at Whole Foods, in our seat cover, like a big girl instead of hanging in the carseat.  She loved the ride and all the little old ladies loved her.

Friday, she started waving.  She's not obsessed with it quite yet, but she's definitely making an effort more an more waving at daddy and nana and even strangers.

First cold, First Christmas, First Big Girl Stroller ride (see the theme of ditching the infant car seat, I think it's time to swap!), and First Trip to Longwood Gardens.  That was this afternoon, so I'll talk about it more next week and in it's own post.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry and Bright

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!  Looks like our little angel is going to wake up to a white one, Christmas miracle indeed!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


It finally happened.  Baby's 1st cold.

I also have a solid connection.  Hopefully, back to posting regularly after the holiday and the fever is gone for good.  Fingers crossed Santa brings A some teeth... two birds, one stone would be much appreshed!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 35

Sorry for the extended absence readers.  It's been a busy week moving out of our home, moving into the in laws, and holding our daughter extra tight.

Since I'm at a loss with coming up with the right words, nor feel the need to publicly grieve, but also don't feel right carrying on with zero acknowledgement... Please know that my heart has been so heavy that I truly cannot find the way to express my feelings in ways I haven't already read on all my favorite blogs.   My thoughts and prayers are with Newtown, CT.

Additionally, I have no pictures this week.  I have the weekly photo, but not uploaded, and its just been so hectic otherwise, getting this post together was tough.

18+, GI appt on Friday and we'll find out how much she's gained since her 6 month appointment 2 months ago.


Pretty awesome.  I totally forgot to mention last week in her sleep and milestone section that I actually let her stay on her tummy after she rolled during her sleep.  She usually wakes and cries when she rolls, but she had settled herself and actually slept longer than normal.  She's probably done this about 2 more since, she's mainly a side sleeper now.  Either way, it was a bigger step for me not to be panicked. But she's 8 months old, is great at rolling over, and a lot of people let their kids tummy sleep much earlier.  It was easier to be relaxed over it as compared to if she would have been doing it 4 months ago when she couldn't easily roll belly to back, now it's no problem.

We officially moved into the In Laws on Monday.  We'll be here until we settle on our new home at the end of January.  Surprisingly, A has been sleeping great!  Penny (boston terrier) has had the hardest adjustment crying at the door to get of room at 3am... therefore waking A when she probably would have kept sleeping.  I fed her and we went back to sleep and we both slept until 7:20 when the Husband woke me because we had to head back to our house to meet the movers.  Amazing!  I don't remember the last time I got up after the sun!

We also dropped the crib since we had it apart and A isn't far from pulling up on her own.


Nothing new this week, but upped consumption easily eating up to 6oz a day.  Not every day, but up to.   Lots of carrots, green beans, zucchini, pears, banana.  Planning on starting chicken and broccoli soon.

She's been awesome.  Barely crying even when tired, just hanging out sleepily until bed no fusses.  Change of scenery has done her well.

Last Friday, she did her first rock on her hands and knees!  No crawling just yet, she does a wiggle version of the army crawl.  Instead of pulling her arms, she rocks side to side to move forward.  She also pushed herself backwards last night, but it wasn't really on purpose.

She's also standing sturdier at her activity table (we put the legs on).  And while I still play spotter for when she's ready to fall, she'll stand and play for long periods at a time, like easily 5-10 minutes before trying to move further along and falling over.

And the last almost maybe was a wave.  Nana walked in the room and waved and she raised her arm.  Again not sure if intentional or coincidence, so I'll just watching until she really does!

(35 Week Photo to Come)

Friday, December 14, 2012

[Little Room Re-Do] Inspiration: Part Duex

While I am so sentimental about leaving Ashlynn's nursery behind, my special pregnancy project that kept me sane and oh so excited for her arrival, I can't wait to be in a new house.  While the majority of the new house needs some updating, the first room to get down to business will be hers!

Instead of recreating the exact same space, I'd like to change it up without having to design a completely different room.  Clearly, we aren't buying any new furniture and I don't even want to buy any new decorative pieces (though I'm sure I'll find an excuse to throw in something new here and there).  So I'm working almost strictly with what we got to come up with a new vibe.

What's the one thing that can totally change any room?


I'm hoping to go from an unexpected, modern, and playful space to a space still modern (due to furniture styles) and playful (due to art) but with a bit more vintage and serene feel.   The current nursery dueled as a playroom and looked the part, since we'll have a dedicated toy and play space in the house, I want the bedroom to be a bit more calm.   Clearly the swatch switcheroo above doesn't look all that different, but I'm looking for this sort of change.

I'm still not a 100% the direction I'll head once everything is in the room and I can unpack, but clearly this is the starting point.  Before the slate blue was the primary color, yellow and coral secondary and the seafoam green the accent color.  This time I'm flipping it so the dark slate is the accent and the breezy seafoam the star.

You might remember I started the first Little Room with this as my inspiration board.

I'm now going with some of this to get my wheels turning!

If you had to re-do a favorite space in your house, would keep things the same or try something new?

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Technically, I should have taken this next week (35 weeks, when A was born), but we'll be in the midst of moving so it was now or never!

Also, why is it that 34 weeks of pregnancy seemed to last forever, but 34 weeks of babyhood flew by?? Slow down, dammit!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 34

18+ ish

Baby was soyed.  I took a risk eating out and unfortunately saw the consequences the next morning.  Poor A.  Looks like I won't be adding anything back to my diet anytime soon or eating out again for a while, it's nearly impossible to avoid milk or soy.

In a strange turn, I felt terrible too.  Not sure if it bothers me now or if it was just coincidental that I had a stomachache.

About the same, 2 wakes a night, goes back down after each, waking for the day around 6:30.  All is fine with me.  Every time I feel we get a consistent routine and say "I'll wean a feeding" that night is thrown all off course.  I've been hesitant to sleep train since in a week we will all be sharing one room while we stay at my In Laws for a month until we move into our new house.  I know her sleep routine will be disrupted, so it almost seems pointless and way more work then worthwhile.


Friday we headed over to our friends house to meet their 3 week old daughter.  It crazy how easy it is to forget how tiny they once were!  We had a great time catching up and their almost 2 year old had us cracking up, she loved giving kisses to Ashlynn too.

Saturday we got word our seller accepted our inspection request so we went out to celebrate.  We headed to our local brew pub and of course took A.  She loved sitting in the highchair and keeping conversation with us with all her babble.

Sunday we went to my In Laws for Hanukkah dinner.  A loved her gift, and maybe even the wrapping paper more, natch.

Outside of some running around, visiting our neighbor's new baby girl, we've just been packing up boxes and living like pigs.  I seriously cannot stand living in a house that's been turned upside down!

Early this week she decided she had had it with solids.  Every time I put her in the chair and started to feed her she'd scream and cry after about 3 bites.  I would take her out since she seemed to be crying in pain, even though she wasn't.  I tried in the bumbo, just the same.  So I gave up.  I would try, if she wasn't into it, we skipped.  Her nutrition is still coming from her milk so I wasn't too worried.  Sunday night we tried zucchini for the first time and man, she loves it more than green beans!  I've never see her keep her face so clean, ha.  Since then, she's easily eating a minimum of 2 ounces at breakfast and dinner, almost pushing 3.  She used to barely take 4 for the day.  I'm planning on starting some 'Baby Led Weaning' style lunches.  Going to give her some banana tomorrow and see how she does.

Baby Gear Love:
Loving her Activity Table, though we are keeping the legs off for now.  She loves standing, but she's still a little short for the table height to play without holding on.  She also loves the Green Toys Stacker Cups I got her for Hanukkah.

As usual, mainly fusses when tired.  Also that whole 4 days of protesting food.  And lastly, she's a major mommy's girl.  She enjoys daddy time, but likes to know that I'm still around after a while, and if someone else outside of the two of us tries to hold her, forget it!

Ashlynn has been clicking "ta" with her tongue over and over.  At first I thought she was trying to "cluck" with her tongue and then realized her "ta" is her version of a kiss noise. I pucker and go "mwah " and she "ta's" back at me.   She will also now grab my face and pull me in for kisses.



Also, 1st time dining in a highchair instead of hanging in her carrier and 1st Hanukkah.