Monday, December 19, 2011

Five and Five

Just a little post tying together some things I've had my eye on and general life happenings....

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1. Bouncer is bouncing!  Surprisingly, this started as we sat down two Saturdays ago to watch Crazy Stupid Love (at 16w5d).  If Bouncer is a girl, I have a feeling she's going to have a strong connection to anything with Ryan Gosling... just like her mama!

2. Related to #2 above, I bought this dress at Madewell (from the sale rack for $99!!) last week.  I needed something to wear to a Baptism yesterday and the dress is adorable.  I was able to buy it in my normal (pre-pregnancy) size and since the waist is elastic, I'm hoping it'll last until my shower.  I love that I can dress it down with boots, wide belt, and cardigan or dress it up with heels, a skinny gold belt, and a statement necklace.

3. Sweet Case of the Mondays. My Husband carpooled with a coworker to a seminar today.  He got picked up at 6:30.  When I went to leave at 8:30, I realized I had to move his car since he parked me in.  Yeah, Husband is a genius and took his keys with him.  Looks like I'm working from home.  Not too bad for a Monday!

4.  Carnivore.  As I've mentioned many times, I don't eat meat.  I'll eat fish, and I'll have (organic) turkey on Thanksgiving, but that's pretty much it.  Since being pregnant all I want is meat based protein!  I ate so many turkey leftovers (normally I never touch them), I once craved KFC around 6wks (didn't give into that), I tried to make buffalo chicken sandwiches (with organic chicken in the crockpot), and while they were good... they were no comparison to a real chicken cheesesteak.  Last Thursday, I called Husband before he left work and told him I needed a chicken cheesesteak, pizza shop style.   I haven't had one those in over 4 years.  It was the most glorious meal.  I have a feeling I'll be indulging in a few more over the next 5 months!

5. Bah Hum Bug.  Aside from the lights on the bushes outside that make our neighbors think we're festive, we have NOTHING up inside.  I do however have a Christmas scented Yankee Candle burning... that counts for something right??

For the items linked above, but not mentioned, don't worry I'll get to them soon enough!


  1. Cute dress! I could see you getting a lot of wear out of that. :)

    That's pretty crazy about the meat cravings. I'm a vegetarian, and I've always wondered about that.

    And your husband blocking you in--totally something I could see my husband doing. At least it makes for a nice Monday?

  2. Love the dress and the color gray! And SO funny that you're craving meat like crazy! I really only ate chicken and turkey before pregnancy and now I really don't like the idea of any meat, but still try to eat it for the protein! So weird how things change!

  3. Thanks girls! So glad I got the dress on sale, it's silk, so it's worth the $99, but the original $188 was a bit much since I prob won't wear it regulary - you know me, not a dress girl!

    Leslie - I guess I just need more protein. I haven't been too awesome about making sure I'm getting enough.. eggs still make me gag a little and it's hard to get enough with beans, nuts, and dairy unless I really do it up...

    Natasha - I'm sure your cravings will start to change soon. I think I've only started getting my appetite back the last 2 or 3 weeks. For the first 14-15 wks, my Husband liked to complain how much "my palette sucked" since I just wanted the blandest foods ever.

  4. Congratulations! You look great... can't wait to see how your style evolves with your bump! What shirt are you wearing in your 17 weeks picture?

  5. I craved milk, which I swapped for almond milk in recent years. I thought I would make my stomach ill, but it didn't. The baby knows what it needs ;).

    We didn't decorate much this year either. We have just enough to fake some most excellent pictures. *lol*

  6. The Boston Terrier figurine is so sweet--I love them and wish we could add one to our brood!

    Ryan Gosling. *drools*

  7. Shana - I was wearing the Whispering Vespers cashmere sweater by Moth (from Anthro). I got it a year ago I believe.

    Gigi - Hope your holiday was great and that the faked pics all came out ;)

    Chloe - It's George the Terrier from Urban, and I must have him!!.. and Ryan Gosling too.. I *MUST* have him!


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