Monday, December 19, 2011

Bump-date: 4th Month (14-17 Weeks)

It's about time to share the ever growing bump!  I didn't take pictures early on throughout First Tri.  I did that last time, and then it was pretty sad to look at them after everything that happened.  So like many things I avoided doing this time around, "bump" pictures was one of them.  However, at 14 weeks I felt it was time to hop back on the time tracking bandwagon and it was really the first week with any real visible growth.

I took the pics at night and then sent them to the Husband who was still at work.  At the time, his response was "you're pushing out!"  Except I totally wasn't!  Looking at week 14 now, a month ago, I still looked so tiny!

(Another "night" shot - my bump seems to grow throughout the day, so it seems bigger here than it does the next week.  I'm also wearing a maternity tank, which I think helps show off the expanding belly)

(Week 16 - Bouncer is the size of an avocado!)

I'm actually 18 weeks today, but I'm still trying to play with both cameras to get a good shot.  The 16 week shot was with DSLR, but clearly I have not figured out how to best take a self timed shot.  Speaking of the new camera, here are a few of my first test subjects...  I'm still working on it!

 Penny (on her 3rd Birthday!)
 Molly (my in-laws dog)

I'll try to come back later with a 18 Week update and some other related milestones!


  1. Awwww you look SOOO cute!! Love your little bump {and love your last may need to source!}. So glad you're documenting each week...I know you'll love to look back on this!! xo

  2. I bet if you I saw you from the front and you were wearing a loose top, I probably wouldn't even know you were pregnant!

    And I love the animal shots - Penny looks adorbs!

  3. Thanks Natasha! The last outfit is actually all old stuff (I wore it last January on the blog). Except I have my mat J Brand jeans on, Miz Mooz King Boots, Old Navy thermal, and Anthropologie (moth)cashmere sweater - most comfy sweater ever.

    I'm glad I'm taking pictures too.. there really wasn't too much change early on and I was just too paranoid about "jinxing" (I know, no such thing!) it. I still have the old pictures, never deleted them, and I just didn't want to have 2 batches if things didn't work out... glad they are!!!

  4. Aww, thanks Lisa! I definitely am starting to get the looks at work of "is she pregnant or just gaining weight" by the people that don't know. I'm still fitting fine in my usual tops, so some days it's hidden and other days it's out there LOL!

  5. It makes me so happy to see this post! You look absolutely adorable. :)

  6. You are the cutest lil pregnant thing! I am so happy for you, you look positively glowing and you have one of the most adorable bumps I've ever seen.

  7. Aww thanks Leslie!

    Andi - Thanks hun! All I have to say is thank goodness for make up, haha.. I really look like a teenager! Thanks for the sweet comments :)

  8. Aww! Look at you! You are too cute with your little belly! Seriously, you just look so happy and I am so thrilled for you! Glad you are taking pics! You will love to look back at them and show Bouncer when he or she gets a little bigger. My 6 year old loves looking at pics of me pregnant with her. She thinks it is the coolest thing that she was in my belly! Best wishes!!!

  9. Wow you are so cute! I love bump pics...especially a bunch at once to show the progression. Hope you are feeling good! :)

  10. Um, adorable!!!! Going to add you to Google Reader now so I stop forgetting to check back here.

    And I predict you will still be a fashion mogul when you are a mom but you are guaranteed to turn into one of us 'mommy bloggers' out there when the time comes, too. :) No shame in the game!


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