Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ta Da! Closet Reveal

I'm finally ready to follow up on the closet progress.  It's been 2 full weeks since I started, and I ran into a few obstacles... like hurricane Irene.

Anyway, I thought I'd just show the progress pictures and go over what I completed and what is left to do.  I was looking at the befores, and I think I need a separate Before/After post that I won't clog up with what I did details....

Here she is! 

Let's start in the front.  I moved the shelving unit over by 12".  This allowed me to utilize the space that before was wasted and used for shoving neatly stacking tote bags and overnighters.  Now its the perfect space to hang the husband's ties and slacks (on the bar I had cut for me at Home Depot) and he loves it.

I bought a third bar that matched the original two.  Since we don't have a hack saw (or really any crazy collection of tools), I had the guy at home depot shorten it for me, no charge.

I hung the husband's pants in this little 18" area because they don't drag down like his shirts and it was just the perfect spot for them.

As you can see, I repainted the original shelving unit so now it matches the vanity in the master bath.  After taking it apart, I sanded the sides that would be visible or used (top side of the shelving) with fine grit sanding blocks.  I then skipped the primer step, and hope it doesn't come back to bite me, but I figured since these weren't high traffic cabinets that would be banged, kicked, etc.  There shouldn't be too much abuse for chipping.

I used Rustoleum Universal Satin spray paint in Espresso Brown.   This is the portion that took a while, since I needed to do both sides and allow proper time to dry.  While, I'm happy with the result, if I were to do it again, I'd roll latex paint.  I thought I'd be saving time and making the process simpler using spray paint (you know I love to spray paint), but it ended up adding up quickly (since I used about 8 cans) and took just as long with the drying times and not having the best control over even coverage.

I resized the corner shelves height to make more sense for me.  Before I had piled up boxes of shoes and wasn't utilizing the space the best I could.  Now everything feels organized and it's easy to see where everything is. 

You might notice the black mats under the shoes.  I was afraid that the shoes might scratch or chip the paint so I used these black cardboard pieces that came with the additional shelving unit to the right.  They were supposed to be used as backers, but I like the look of seeing through to the light color wall.  This DIY saved me from buying contact paper (that for sure would have ruined the paint job if ever removed)....

I'm also storing some less used heels in their boxes on those shelves where they are easy to get to (before I had to pull lots out before getting to the ones in the back) and also concealed. 

Aside from the third, and shortened, bar... the only purchase was a new shelving unit for the empty space on the right side.  Another time hold up, I originally ordered a shoe shelf from Home Depot online, this Martha Stewart one (the slanted shelves would finally mean my heels would fit)... It came. I put it together. DOH!  It was 1/2" too long for the space.  I thought about having the shelves cut, but since it's melamine, I knew it would splinter like crazy and wasn't worth the $60 I spent for a tiny 24"H shelf.  I returned it and went to target and spent the same amount of money on this guy.

He fits perfect in the space.

My most worn flats are in the boxes on the upper left.  Not crazy about the boxes, but it works until I figure something else out.  The baskets on the bottom are housing my sandals/flip flops and belts.

I haven't had a chance to figure out new jewelry storage so I went back to what I previously used until I think of something better or pick up some of the items I've seen but haven't purchased yet...   I still have a bunch of tangled necklaces laying around and I don't like digging through the jewelry box to find other items.  If things aren't in my direct sight of view, I tend to forget about them....

I replaced our over the door rack (which never allowed the door to open fully), with our mirror that used to live leaning against the wall in the bedroom.  I've lost the screws and wall mounting holders during one of my moves, so I mounted the mirror using 8 Velcro backed 3M command strips. 

Progress Report

- Remove clothes/stuff
- Dissemble storage shelving units
- Paint closet same color as bathroom (SW Argos, it's a shade darker than our bedroom SW Passive, but you can barely tell and we have a ton left over...)
- Plan new layout for shelving
- Acquire new shelving units as necessary (bar/shelves)
- Sand, Prime, and Paint laminate shelving to match bathroom vanity
- Ditch the white shelving units that have been following me around since sophomore year in college...
- Rehang clothes
- Refold clothes, add bins
- Organize shoes and other fold-able clothes (hoodies, jeans, sweats)
- Hooks for scarves and belts
- Hang tie rack for husband (his only request)
- Jewelry storage project
- Donate clothes that aren't being put back
- New light fixture/Switch to energy efficient day light bulbs
- Add a mirror (?)
- Ta Da! Dunzo

* current stage

Now that the closet is fully functionable, I'm going to take my time finding the right jewelry storage and hooks for hanging my scarves and the few zip up hoodies I grab almost every night while watching bad reality tv. 

Happy September Friends!


  1. LOVE it! I wish our closet was a walk in.

  2. Love it! You are a brave woman hanging that mirror up like that. My toddler would have a field day pulling it down.

  3. Love your closet! Gives me ideas for my own. PS: We're a fan of Essie nail polish aren't we? Lol...

  4. Can you please come over and fix my closet? I have a crazy aversion to throwing away my shoe boxes, so I keep all my shoes in them and can't ever find anything!

  5. Looks great! Nothing better than an fab closet.

  6. Ahhhh!!! This look amazing!! So organized and pretty! Love all your shoes lined up! And really love how you incorporated your husband's wardrobe! My poor husband has to use the guest room closet! Oops!

  7. LOVELY! I'm in the process of moving and dreaming up ways to organize our walk-in.

    Wanted to ask ... how did you get the ppl at Home Depot to "cut" the tie holder? What does that mean ... I'm pretty clueless and would love a similar item, but ... need guidance (eek, I sound like an idiot).


  8. Thanks so much for the compliments girls!

    Nerdy Katie - yeah, I definitely wouldn't suggest what we did if we have kids... but we don't!

    Kristal - bahaha, you know it... I'm too ocd to have other shaped bottles!

    Lisa - I used to have all my shoes in their boxes too, I but it's actually harder to store them.. and like jewelry.. out of sight, out of mind.

    Natasha - my husband is finally graduated from the guest room closet haha

    Pam - I think I was misleading in my description. HD didn't cut the tie rack (I bought that one -bamboo- at Bed Bath & Beyond for $20) I them cut the rod/bar for handing the pants. The space is only 18" and most closet bars come starting at 30" wide... so I had them cut the bars down so it would fit in the tiny space (if that makes sense)... I also got ocd and had to buy the same bar that was already being used for the regular closet hanging areas... had to have the match! HTH!


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