Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer To Do List Follow Up!

Back in the beginning of the summer, I created a little project 'to do' list and shared it with you readers. While I didn't get to accomplish everything, I did knock out a good portion.

Here was the original list.....

Paint the Guest Bathroom
Paint the Garage Door
Address Planter
Personalized Presents
Spray Paint Shit
Make a Wreath
The deck project started out as a dream of custom built raised planters for a little veggie patch. 

That quickly fell through since I was running out of time of getting veggies planted, I didn't want to be harvesting tomatoes in October....  Instead, I grabbed 3 large planters and started out our patch like this....


and at the end of August, it looked more like this...
(yeah the cherry tomatoes took over and went crazy!)

Next on the list was to paint the guest bathroom.... unfortunately I skipped out on this in lieu of the closet makeover


I'm planning on getting to the bathroom sometime in the next two months....


We previously had a panel replaced when our garage door mysteriously broke.  The new panel was a good 2 or 3 shade whiter than the rest of the door.  Our (lovely) HOA asked us to paint the door...

I already recapped my planter here, but again, here was my inspiration and what I did.... I'm actually planning on working on it this weekend, planting some mums and getting it ready for pumpkin season.

ready to get fallified

My original to do was to make a gift for my friend's new baby in time for her arrival in August.  In addition to that, I made her a little wedding gift as well.

And the baby gift was inspired by this adorable applique found on pinterest.

And here is my take....  Stay tuned for details and a How To.

Man, there were so many things I wanted to go crazy spray paining this summer, mainly things like this.....


Instead, all I did were our closet shelves, but being that I went through a good 8 cans... I think I met my quota.

I wanted to make a wreath for summer that I could transition and change up for autumn... Instead, I'm just finishing it up now, so it's going to be ready for the Fall.  Here are some of my inspirations shots.... I should have a follow up in a few days!


Did you get everything accomplished on your summer to do list?


  1. You accomplished a lot! I'm loving the wedding/baby gifts.. so cute! Can't wait to see the finished wreath. I really want to make on, myself. Have a good day, girl! :)

  2. Everything looks fantastic!! I am trying to accomplish everything on my to do list, but something always comes up.. ugghhh, but I'm working on it!!! Awesome post! :) xo


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