Friday, August 19, 2011

...With Paint in my Hair

Say goodbye to the not the most functional and totally ugly non-coordinating walk in closet....

(I HATE this awkward 5" gap between the wall and the shelving)

(pics are all from Feb 2010.... it wasn't looking as neat recently)

I finally unloaded, dissembled, and starting painting our walk in closet to match the rest of the master suite.  We remodeled the bathroom almost two years ago and then painted bed about 5 months after that.... I'm so glad we are FINALLY saying good bye to the last bit of paint color I've always referred to as "make up" or "foundation".... 

We are trying to do this makeover on a budget, so I'm probably going to keep closet shelving we have but just make some layout changes.....  I also hope up looking more like a little dressing room then a let's just throw whatever in here closet.

On the task list:
 - Remove clothes/stuff
 - Dissemble storage shelving units
 - Paint closet same color as bathroom (SW Argos, it's a shade darker than our bedroom SW Passive, but you can barely tell and we have a ton left over...)
 - Plan new layout for shelving
 - Acquire new shelving units as necessary
 - Sand, Prime, and Paint laminate shelving to match bathroom vanity (this is optional... not sure if I care enough for the effort)
 - Ditch the white shelving units that have been following me around since sophomore year in college... (to the garage they go!)
 - Rehang clothes
 - Organize shoes and other fold-able clothes (hoodies, jeans, sweats)
 - Hooks for scarves and belts
 - Hang tie rack for husband (his only request)
 - Jewelry storage project
 - Donate clothes that aren't being put back
 - New light fixture
 - Add a mirror (?)
 - Ta Da!  Dunzo

* current stage

... oh, and while painting last night, I managed to get a bunch in my hair.  Awkward & Awesome Thursday indeed....


  1. Oooo what a huge project, but it will have a big payoff!!! Can't wait to see the final product!

  2. I just wanted to let you know I'm a huge fan of your blog! I also love your closet! I'm sure you'll make it look spectacular!

  3. Now that's a project I could get into. Hope it goes well. I'm a big fan of those slim, black, velvet/felt flocked hangers. They make so much room in the closet. Could be a bad thing, but hey, you can get more in there. Costco has a pack of 50 for $15 - $19.

  4. Natasha - thanks... I got a good hunk done this wkd... just waiting for the shelving to dry. Now I'm going to be on the hunt for some fun hooks and jewelry frames!

    klynne - thank you! Our closet could definitely be much much worse... I'm happy I have something decent to work with :)

    gigi - Haha... that's probably the same reason my husband wants nothing to do with the reno... all me, call me Bob Villa... Thanks for the tip about the hangers!


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