Monday, August 15, 2011

[Wedding] Bouquet Beauties

When wedding planning over 2 years ago, one of the things I found the most inspiration for was my Bridal Bouquet.  I have more pictures saved to my computer than necessary, especially since the bouquets are all so similar (mainly big white bunches of pretty fluffy flowers).... 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite images that I never got around to deleting from my hard drive.... probably because I have irrational dreams that I will someday get to relive my wedding day and you know, may need to show the imaginary florist my favorite pictures....


And the finished product... You can definitely see the inspiration pulled from above.  Touches of greenery (green berries and leaves), the white daisies with chocolate centers, lots of hydrangea, roses, and lisianthus for good measure....

My florist used left over alencon laces from my dress for the bouquet wrap and added pearls last minute since she liked to call me her "pearl girl".   I was apparently going through a pearl phase when I was having my meetings with her.  I loved the extra personal touch!

For my 'something old' I wrapped around a clasp of charms from my Nana's necklace.  It included 4 different charms that were all meaningful to her.

The bouquet was gigantic, and I loved it!

What did you have in your bridal bouquet?  For the brides to be, what do you want in yours??  Bright colors, monochromatic, orchids?  Spill it!


  1. so funny - I was just going through all my old wedding inspiration photos today as well while I was sending my old spreadsheets to an engaged friend!

    I had a lot of the same photos as inspiration as you did - I wanted an all white/cream bouquet that was very full and fluffy :)

  2. I definitely want a big fluffy white bouquet as well. Although I would love Peonies...I heard they're really expensive. I've been thinking of using cabbage roses, ranunculous, zinnias, etc to create that full and fluffy effect without breaking the bank.

  3. I love the first bouquet with the peonies! And of course yours is gorgeous and so sweet with the pearl and lace touches. And HELLO beautiful ring! :)

  4. Love white bouquets!!!!!!!! Your bouquet was so sentimental.


  5. Love white flowers! And you look so gorgeous in that last pic!

  6. Mandee - haha, I'm sure we did have the same inspiration pics haha

    Kristal - sounds like a great mix!

    Natasha - I know that bouquet is fab... and thanks, husband did a good job :)

    Susan - monochromactic bouquets are just so 'clean' looking

    Rosa - aww thanks sweetie! ::blush::

  7. Oh my gosh, your bouquet! I love the impact that it makes! And those details. Amazingly beautiful!

  8. love, love, LOVE your flowers. I did all white ranunculus. I love the look of an all white bouquet for the bride. You look gorgeous!

    xoxo navy & orange

  9. My bouquet was very similar to the blue and white one you posted. When you get a chance, visit my blog. I gave you an award.


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