Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Crafty Lady] Finger Print Guestbook

One of my close friend's had a low key backyard wedding ceremony Sunday night.  As part of her gift, I wanted to make something as a keepsake.  Immediately, I thought of something I had seen on pinterest (go figure) (and btw, can I get through any freakin post nowadays without mentioning that site?... drinking game anyone?)...

Anyway.... I remember seeing these sweet personalized versions of a guest book and thinking it was a great idea and only if I didn't get married two years ago (see our guest book here) I may have gotten one for ourselves!  I thought since this ceremony was such an intimate gathering of family and close friends, it'd be the perfect thing to share with her.  I also liked the idea of it being a keepsake that could be displayed and cherished.

I usually like to think I'm more crafty than artistic, but I figured I could try to sketch and subsequently paint a tree.  I picked two shades of red for the ink pads since the couple's whole downstairs is black and white with red accents. And then I grabbed teal for the name since she revealed the house would be decorated in teals and turquoises for the big day.

I used the first image above to get my idea of a tree and sketched directly to the canvas. 

After I was happy with the result, I started going over the lines with two shades of brown acrylic paint.

Finally I used an ultra thin sharpie pen to add shading, outlines, and some definition to the tree.  This is the same pen used later by the guests to sign their names.  I also added the couples' name in their signature wedding color and added my finger print to kick it off....

Luckily, I snuck a photo after the cake was cut and most of the guests had added their prints.    (This is when I wish I had a better camera!)

The couple loved the gift and she was so excited that all her guests left their 'print's on her day.

Did you have a special non-guestbook guestbook?  Or a special wedding keepsake you like to display?   Did you ever make something for a friend?  Share the ideas and inspiration below!

PS:  While we are on the topic, aside from our guest book, this is my other favorite keepsake from our special day!


  1. You did such an awesome job! What a thoughtful gift. :)

  2. Great job! That's such a cute idea.

  3. What a cute idea! It's very similar to my guestbook, which is basically just a painting of a tree that all of our guests signed. I really like the idea of the thumbprint. You did a smashing job on that tree, it looks so good!

  4. You did a great job! I would love to receive this as a gift at my wedding! :)

  5. That is seriously beautiful! Yours turned out great. My boyfriend's sister had one made for her wedding on Etsy and I just love the idea.

    (By the way, Pinterest drinking game is a must. It's impossible to post without saying the P-word!) :)

  6. Wow, what a FANTASTIC idea. Yours came out beautifully, too....LOVE it.

  7. Love this!!! You are so so creative!! And the final result turned out great! We made a coffee table book of our engagement photos and had everyone sign that...it was fun for them to look through the photos and it now proudly sits on our coffee table! :)

  8. what kind of paint did you use for the prints?

  9. Thanks everyone! You're all so sweet :)

    Talia - I used two ink pads I picked up at the craft store. Red and Brick Red. (as you can see the red looks a bit more pink)...

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  11. http://kosmetikana.pl Wow because this is great work! Congrats and keep it up.


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