Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Wedding] 2 Down, 3 to Go!

no, not years of marriage.... but bottles of 'Guest Book' wine!

You may remember if you been around long enough, that instead of a traditional guestbook, we had our wedding guests sign 5 wine bottles that we designated for our first five anniversaries. Since the bottles are being aged (our two year bottle was a 2006 vintage) the wine has been sooo deliciously amazing.

While wedding planning, I was inspired by these wine bottle guest book photos, to make our own...

All of our bottles came from our favorite local winery.  Which worked out great, because their wine is on the pricier side ($35-$50+ a bottle) so it was nice to have good wine set aside for these special occasions.  It also was great since their labels are large with a bunch of white space (perfect room for guests to sign their names)....

For a while I displayed them, but eventually moved them to the wine cabinet for safe keeping so they'd be out of direct sunlight and the corks wouldn't dry out...

Now we've just been looking forward to enjoying a bottle on our Anniversary....


Of course I've been saving the empties and displaying them in our sideboard gallery.  I hope to make a shadow box or something cool after all 5 are finished.  It's also been a blast sharing the annual photos on facebook each year and tagging our family and friends who signed each bottle as a way of thanking of them for sharing our day with us...

What's your favorite gift that keeps on giving??

Thanks so much for all your sweet anniversary wishes yesterday!

[Recipe Share] Happy Accident - Ricotta Honey Scrambled Eggs

::whoops... this post I had scheduled to run weeks ago... just found it sitting waiting in the queue now.. enjoy!::

Like the post title states, this was indeed a happy accident.

Last week in our veggie delivery box, we ordered squash blossoms.  That in itself was a happy accident, because my mom asked me the day before our order list was emailed if I had ever had them.  I said no, and she swore we had to find some at a farmers market, stuff them, and try them.  I was estatic when I saw they were available for our delivery. 

Unfortanutely, we decided not to eat them right away.  So when I went to grab them on Monday night, almost a week after they arrived, the flowers were wilted, browning on the ends, and just didn't look appetizing.  The problem was I started making the stuffing before I took them from the fridge to exam.  I had about a 1/2 cup of ricotta mixed in with some honey and a scrambled egg on the side to use for the breading.... oops.

I couldn't toss the ingredients in the trash without a ton of guilt or grief from my trashcan of a husband (seriously, he eats everything!).  Not to mention, we buy organic eggs and organic ricotta.... which makes the idea of just tossing good healthy food even more sad.
So, like any other Gen Y-er would do, I immediately googled "recipe ricotta honey eggs" and I stumbled across this recipe.

Of course, I didn't make that exact recipe (as I already added honey to the ricotta), so here's what I did.

I cracked and scrambled 3 eggs, and started cooking them over low/med heat.  Like the recipe linked, I cooked them very slowly.  Once they were about 80% cooked, I mixed in my ricotta mixture.

1/2 C Ricotta
1 Tbsp Honey
Pinch Sea Salt
Red Pepper Flakes
Rosemary chopped fine (from my momma's garden)

I cooked the scrambled eggs and cheese mixture long enough that the extra fluid from the ricotta cooked out.  Then I dug in.... then I realized this was so delicious, I had to share the happy accident with you readers!  I took a crappy photo mid bite and then went back to chowing down.

These scrambled eggs would be a perfect addition to a brunch menu or to surprise your honey with breakfast in bed.  If you try them, let me know what you think or any changes you made!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Happy Anniversary Husband... 2 years down (or 730 days), many many more to come!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AHH! So Excited!

Sorry for my absence yesterday.... I was busy buying something from my wishlist. 

It was NEW CAR DAY! Woohoo!

Monday, August 22, 2011

State of the World

... the world being my closet...

the other night, it was sooo hot in our master bedroom, I thought I'd go sleep in the guest room (where its inexplicitedly 10 degrees cooler...) then I remember, its my closet dumping ground....

all that's left at the moment....

fresh paint, fresh glossy trim, and new light bulbs (make the biggest difference!)

This kills me... kills.

progress has been made... can't wait for the finished result! 

Progress Report
- Remove clothes/stuff
- Dissemble storage shelving units
- Paint closet same color as bathroom (SW Argos, it's a shade darker than our bedroom SW Passive, but you can barely tell and we have a ton left over...)
- Plan new layout for shelving
- Acquire new shelving units as necessary (bar, shoe shelves, and ledge)
- Sand, Prime, and Paint laminate shelving to match bathroom vanity (this is optional... not sure if I care enough for the effort)
- Ditch the white shelving units that have been following me around since sophomore year in college... (to the garage they go!)
- Rehang clothes
- Refold clothes, add bins
- Organize shoes and other fold-able clothes (hoodies, jeans, sweats)
- Hooks for scarves and belts
- Hang tie rack for husband (his only request)
- Jewelry storage project
- Donate clothes that aren't being put back
- New light fixture/Switch to energy efficient day light bulbs
- Add a mirror (?)
- Ta Da! Dunzo
* current stage

Friday, August 19, 2011

...With Paint in my Hair

Say goodbye to the not the most functional and totally ugly non-coordinating walk in closet....

(I HATE this awkward 5" gap between the wall and the shelving)

(pics are all from Feb 2010.... it wasn't looking as neat recently)

I finally unloaded, dissembled, and starting painting our walk in closet to match the rest of the master suite.  We remodeled the bathroom almost two years ago and then painted bed about 5 months after that.... I'm so glad we are FINALLY saying good bye to the last bit of paint color I've always referred to as "make up" or "foundation".... 

We are trying to do this makeover on a budget, so I'm probably going to keep closet shelving we have but just make some layout changes.....  I also hope up looking more like a little dressing room then a let's just throw whatever in here closet.

On the task list:
 - Remove clothes/stuff
 - Dissemble storage shelving units
 - Paint closet same color as bathroom (SW Argos, it's a shade darker than our bedroom SW Passive, but you can barely tell and we have a ton left over...)
 - Plan new layout for shelving
 - Acquire new shelving units as necessary
 - Sand, Prime, and Paint laminate shelving to match bathroom vanity (this is optional... not sure if I care enough for the effort)
 - Ditch the white shelving units that have been following me around since sophomore year in college... (to the garage they go!)
 - Rehang clothes
 - Organize shoes and other fold-able clothes (hoodies, jeans, sweats)
 - Hooks for scarves and belts
 - Hang tie rack for husband (his only request)
 - Jewelry storage project
 - Donate clothes that aren't being put back
 - New light fixture
 - Add a mirror (?)
 - Ta Da!  Dunzo

* current stage

... oh, and while painting last night, I managed to get a bunch in my hair.  Awkward & Awesome Thursday indeed....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Poll] In the Market...

for a new cell phone!

Do I go with the beloved iPhone, a Droid, maybe a Windows Phone??? Help!

Spill it... what do you readers have, love/hate, gimme the goods :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

[Wedding] Bouquet Beauties

When wedding planning over 2 years ago, one of the things I found the most inspiration for was my Bridal Bouquet.  I have more pictures saved to my computer than necessary, especially since the bouquets are all so similar (mainly big white bunches of pretty fluffy flowers).... 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite images that I never got around to deleting from my hard drive.... probably because I have irrational dreams that I will someday get to relive my wedding day and you know, may need to show the imaginary florist my favorite pictures....


And the finished product... You can definitely see the inspiration pulled from above.  Touches of greenery (green berries and leaves), the white daisies with chocolate centers, lots of hydrangea, roses, and lisianthus for good measure....

My florist used left over alencon laces from my dress for the bouquet wrap and added pearls last minute since she liked to call me her "pearl girl".   I was apparently going through a pearl phase when I was having my meetings with her.  I loved the extra personal touch!

For my 'something old' I wrapped around a clasp of charms from my Nana's necklace.  It included 4 different charms that were all meaningful to her.

The bouquet was gigantic, and I loved it!

What did you have in your bridal bouquet?  For the brides to be, what do you want in yours??  Bright colors, monochromatic, orchids?  Spill it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Navy Blazer

I was perusing Piperlime, I came across this awesome Elizabeth and James Ashford Blazer....

After drooling and realizing it was $665, I found this Hive & Honey Velvet Trim Riding Jacket that was included in the Piperlime Fall Preview Sale (ends today!) for $69 less 20% off.  


While they aren't identical, they definitely have their similarities and for the fraction of the E+J, the H&H is on its way to my house....

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Crafty Lady] Finger Print Guestbook

One of my close friend's had a low key backyard wedding ceremony Sunday night.  As part of her gift, I wanted to make something as a keepsake.  Immediately, I thought of something I had seen on pinterest (go figure) (and btw, can I get through any freakin post nowadays without mentioning that site?... drinking game anyone?)...

Anyway.... I remember seeing these sweet personalized versions of a guest book and thinking it was a great idea and only if I didn't get married two years ago (see our guest book here) I may have gotten one for ourselves!  I thought since this ceremony was such an intimate gathering of family and close friends, it'd be the perfect thing to share with her.  I also liked the idea of it being a keepsake that could be displayed and cherished.

I usually like to think I'm more crafty than artistic, but I figured I could try to sketch and subsequently paint a tree.  I picked two shades of red for the ink pads since the couple's whole downstairs is black and white with red accents. And then I grabbed teal for the name since she revealed the house would be decorated in teals and turquoises for the big day.

I used the first image above to get my idea of a tree and sketched directly to the canvas. 

After I was happy with the result, I started going over the lines with two shades of brown acrylic paint.

Finally I used an ultra thin sharpie pen to add shading, outlines, and some definition to the tree.  This is the same pen used later by the guests to sign their names.  I also added the couples' name in their signature wedding color and added my finger print to kick it off....

Luckily, I snuck a photo after the cake was cut and most of the guests had added their prints.    (This is when I wish I had a better camera!)

The couple loved the gift and she was so excited that all her guests left their 'print's on her day.

Did you have a special non-guestbook guestbook?  Or a special wedding keepsake you like to display?   Did you ever make something for a friend?  Share the ideas and inspiration below!

PS:  While we are on the topic, aside from our guest book, this is my other favorite keepsake from our special day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trends and Friends

Like red pants, friendship bracelets are one of the biggest trends of the summer.  From the little string knotted ones I made 100s of as a kid to $100(+) Chan Luu leather wrap bracelets. 

If spending hundreds on a stack of Chan Luu bracelets isn't your cup of tea, there is a great tutorial on how you can make your own (above).

And my bloggie friend Rosa, did just that! ...And lucky for me, I won her giveaway. I'm obsessed with these bracelets and am currently rocking them as I sit and pound away blogging, catching up on some Refinery29, and pinning more loves on Pinterest.... (or my usual morning routine).

Have you made any friendship bracelets this summer?  Have you purchased 'store-bought' ones?  Gone old school and received one from your bestie??

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Update

I'm finally back from the left coast and so not raring to go (more coffee please!!).... Since I wasn't able to finish a new project while being away, and since I'm still in the midst of uploading family vacation pics - and of course trying to stay awake while at work, no post today. But......

Today is the deadline!

Feel free to link your post in the comments or just share your project.  Didn't participate, but interested in seeing what was created??  Check out the bottom section of Sherri's post here!