Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Window Shopping] White Pants

Seems like it's been forever since I last went "window shopping".  To be honest, aside from a few spur of the moment purchases, I really haven't been drooling over or needing any specific items this summer, that is until the Husband made a request.   You see, the Husband isn't really that all into fashion.  He loves my style and compliments the outfits he likes or when I look nice, but other than that, he has very little say in what I buy or wear.

This past Sunday, we headed to Aronimink Country Club for the AT&T National golf tournament.  While we followed one of my favorites (Rickie Fowler) for most of the day, we did a lot of people watching.  We saw everything from a tee shirt tucked into mesh gym shorts to day dresses that bordered cocktail dresses - one of my favorites of the day that I pointed out to my Husband turned out to be the eventual winner, Nick Watney's, wife Amber.

Loved this dress, and now I wish I would have had the balls to ask her where she got it! (any clues??)

Anyway, the Husband commented on how he's a big fan of women in white pants and that I should get a pair.  Asking me to shop?? Consider it done!

Sanctuary Peace Pant - Piperlime $98

Joe's Microflare - Anthropologie $158

Paige Denim Petite Lou Lou - Revolve Clothing $169
Hudson Colin Flap Pocket Skinny Jean - Shopbop $165

Hudson Signature Bootcut - Shopbop $165

Tory Burch Stonewashed Skinny Jeans - Saks Fifth Avenue $135.99

Elizabeth And James Lizzie Trouser Pants - Shopbop.com $265

Cropped Matchstick Denim - J.Crew $78

Do you have a favorite go-to pair of white denim or pants? 


  1. LOVE white pants...and love it when my boyfriend has an opinion on fashion ;)

  2. hey erinn, yes definitely get a pair of white pants. they are one of my favorite summer fashion items. it just seems to make the outfit a bit brighter. let me know what pair you end up buying, looking forward to any cute outfits on polyvore you create. i did a blog post about white pants on my blog. :-)

  3. I like the denim with a bootcut...but those matchstick jeans are pretty darn cute too!

    Your weekend sounded like a ton of fun! :)

  4. I don't own any, but I loooove white skinny jeans! I think they would look great on you!

  5. I am a huge fan of white pants!!! I love my Gap Curvy Jeans and highly recommend them! We have similar body shapes so they may work great for you!!!

  6. Rebecca - I know, my husband doesn't make too many comments, so when he points out something he likes, I'm all over it (of course as long its something I actually consider instyle lol)

    Meg - Totally agree about making things brighter!

    Natasha - I'm torn I love the bootcut and the skinny (though the thought of skinny white jeans makes my thighs scared)

    Mandee - aww thanks gf!

    Jenni - I love the Gap Curvy jeans on you! I'll have to check out my store soon!

  7. The dress is from leifsdottir. I think it was Spring '10 but you may be able to still find a couple floating around the internet.

    I love white pants and love it even more when husbands share their likes.

  8. fallonroxann - you rock! I've been searching since sunday, thanks for the tip off!!

  9. I just bought some new white denim pants a month or two ago from the J. Crew online factory store (that's only "open" on the weekends). They fit great and are between a straight leg and bootcut. Best part? They were $35!!

  10. I love my white pants in the summer, perfect for work too. Im pretty petite and these ones work really well for me : http://www.jcrew.com/womens_special_sizes/petite/pants/PRDOVR~40615/99102390013/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~0~15~all~mode+matchallany~~~~~Scout/40615.jsp

    If that doesnt work they are the scout chinos by jcrew. They are cropped but still look great with heels or flats. I can't do white denim because I feel like it looks too tight. Good luck finding the perfect pair!

  11. I just ordered a pair this past weekend to replace my favorite pair that was ruined at work last week- I love white pants for summer!

  12. I have the AG stevies in white (not the ivory) that I got a few weeks ago in store at Anthropologie, I also have a beloved pair of bootcuts from the now defunt martin+osa, the first pair of sanctuary ones you posted and I just recently picked the Joes kickers up on sale at Anthro for a nice cropped look.

    I love white pants in the summer, especially when paired with a nice blousy top or tunic. Such a chic look! Hope you'll let us know if you find the perfect pair!

  13. Erin - thanks for the tip, might be heading over the JCrew Outlet (in person) this month, I'll keep my eyes open :)

    Miss Andrea Lee - I agree about denim being too tight sometimes, but I usually have problems with pants fitting me right in the thighs/butt... but petite might help!

    Amber - awesome!

    Jen - you are hysterical! I ordered the Sanctuary pants to try (but through zappos, they had my size and free overnight shipping) and I'm thinking about maybe trying the stevies (in white too), just don't want to cough up the extra $158.. figured either those or the Joes Kickers would have to fit!

  14. p.s I believe the dress was available at Anthropologie last year...the Calliope Plaid Dress by Leifsdottir, the sale cut was around $120 I believe. There are a couple on ebay right now!

  15. thanks Jen! I actually found it earlier, but still haven't seen my size... was super cute though, glad I know what it is (isn't that funny)

  16. :) Every now and then an item of clothing haunts me until I track it down and then when I finally track it down...I'm sort of over it. That's when I know the thrill of "the hunt" is getting to me! I also ordered my sanctuary pants from zappos, piperlime they constantly flit in and out of stock in my size. It was tough to shell out the full price for the AG stevies (only pair of designer jeans I've ever paid full price on) but the fit was absolutely perfect for me and that's tough to find! The Joes crops are a close second though!

  17. Isn't it funny that our significant others usually have so little input in fashion-related items that when they DO like something stylish, we can't help but to notice? ;o)

    I used to have some white bootleg cords that I love love loved - except so did every errant ketchup packet, mud splatter and dust bunny!

  18. Lisa - this is why I haven't bought white pants in years (I think my last pair was in 2006), the dirt is just a magnet!! But like you said, if the H likes them, then I'll try again (and attempt my hardest to be a lady while wearing them - which is a tough feat!)

  19. I have been wanting some white jeans so if you find that perfect pair that hids a muffin top let me know! I have yet to find a flattering pair on me!

  20. My favorite ones are the Piperlime pair and the JCrew cropped pair. I have a couple of whitte jeans and I got mine at JCrew. I love them.
    BTW, I am loving the new layout. So glad you went with Danielle, she is so talented.

  21. I don't own a pair.... I haven't found any that don't make my legs look huge lol! Great suggestions though!

    XO Lindsay

  22. okay, you've inspired me to just do it and get some white pants! even though i have a 17 month old and they will probably be dirty within 3 minutes of wear. ;)

    thanks for the ideas!



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