Monday, July 25, 2011

[Window Shopping] Unexpected Finds

Last Friday I was working from home, so I got to watch all of the Today Show (I know, it's the perks in life).  Anyway, there was a segment with Stacy London about the best jeans for Fall and how to work all the different styles (trouser, skinny, colored, etc).   The first outfit was a 'work' look with a trouser jean, silk top, and chanel-esque tweed jacket.  Of course, each of the items were under $100, including the adorable handbag.  Which was from Aldo of all places.

(third from lef, of course you can't see the bag!)

The bag looked luxe and definitely designer inspired, so I ran to the website to check it out... and I was pleasantly surprised by all the great bags they have.  I'm usually a 'one bag' girl meaning I buy a handbag and use the shit out of it it for months on end until I find a new replacement.  Since I use the same bag day in and day out, I'm not opposed to spending a few hundred dollars or so on them...  however, I'd more than willing to drop $50 (or less) on one of these options!

Agra - Aldo $29.98
(reminds me of my Minkoff MAM)

Crim - Aldo $50

Lejenne - Aldo $45

Vorwaller - Aldo $50

Kreisher - Aldo $45

Mudd - Aldo $60

All of them are hitting the current trends of lady-like structured styles, classic colors, color blocking details, and hardware accessories like buckles, turn locks, and zippers.   I would love to see the quality in person, but for a affordable option, call me a fan.

What kind of 'bag girl' are you?  Hoard lots of expensive designer bags? Change up affordable and trendy options like underwear?  Use the same bag for years?  Make your husband carry all your schtuff?  Spill it!


  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog. I used to be a flavor of the month bag girl and would buy purses quite often, but ever since I got my MBMJ hillier hobo a couple years ago, I haven't bought a single bag. I don't even go into the purse section of stores anymore haha.

  2. Hi Jeannie! I have a Hillier Hobo too, I bought it last July and haven't stopped using it since! However, I think I'm going to switch back to my MAM for the rest of the summer just to switch it up :)

  3. Currently, I'm obsessing over my $1 thrifting purchase. It's a scrumptious leather bag, large enough to hold mylaptop and a notebook, but small enough to not be a suitcase. lol :)

  4. That black and white Crim bag is fabulous! I bought my first Aldo purse months ago for $45 and it's held up better than a lot of my $300+ ones! Crazy!

    Oh and I'm loving the new layout, very clean and chic!

    Come by and my Hello Mellow giveaway if you like!

  5. I scrolled right past the pic you posted from the Today show because I taped it and haven't watched it yet. :)

    I am a bag-whore, lol. I have so many bags and love having different options, but the crazy thing is I've been wishing I could be the kind of gal who can just wear one bag until the seams bust open. It would certainly be nicer on my wallet. I highly doubt that will happen, but I have been thinking about getting rid of several that don't get as much love and attention. The bad thing is MJ has a color out for the fall that I think I might "need". I'm easily seduced when it comes to shoes and bags.

  6. Rebecca - I love a good large bag that holds it all... I love even more a bag for $1! Great find!

    Elizabeth - That's great to hear your Aldo bag has held up well!!

    Fshnonmymind - Haha, you do love your bags! (but they are all gorg!) At least if you recycle your non-loved bags you can use the $ towards new ones!...silver lining :)

  7. Those bags are so cute! It almost makes me want to buy a new one, but I'm so busy wearing my current one into the ground!

  8. I'm like you...I buy one nice bag and wear the sh*t out of it! It just seems more practical then switching my purse all the time! But these Aldo purses are beautiful...I've seen other bloggers buying them, so the quality must be acceptable!


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