Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Shopaholic] Recent Purchases and Returns

I did a bit of online shopping recently (mainly tied to my hunt for this), so I thought I'd update how my purchases have turned out.

I first ordered these Sanctuary Peace Pants from Zappos on the 4th of July.  Thanks to free overnight delivery they arrived the next day (love that!).  I had read reviews on Zappos and Piperlime (where they were sold out in my size), and most were very good.  Quite a few had said they run a little big, so since I usually hover between two sizes (24 and 25) I picked the smaller one.  Naturally they fit too long, but while they fit great through my thighs, they were a little tight through the hips causing that unflattering pulling around the crotch.... I'm afraid if I size up they'll be too loose in the thighs (especially after hours of wear), so back they good with no exchange.

I then ordered the AG Stevies in white from Anthro.  Since they are $168 and I already qualified for free shipping (orders over $150), I decided to throw in the online exclusive cami


My order arrived last night and I'm definitely pleased!  I ordered the Stevies in a 25 and the fit is great, no pulling but still slim to my legs.  A reason I love skinny and straight leg pants is that I can tuck under the extra length and not have to worry about getting them hemmed - and therefore doomed to a life to be worn with only flats or only heels - instead I get to keep my options.   I still haven't taken the tags off, but I'm 98% sure they will be keepers! 

I also the cami, something I was in desperate need of since all but one of mine have decided to kick the bucket and spiral into a death of torn seams, overstretched lycra, and too loose straps. This one is perfect.  I love that the pearl color is in between a soft pink and ivory and it's so soft.  It hits right below my hip bone which is the ideal length, since recently most of the ones I've been finding have been too short (BR Outlet) or too long (Gap Body).

Lastly, when I went to make my Anthro purchase I had another item in my cart waiting to go, but when I finally went back to pull the trigger, it was sold out in my size!

The next day, I swung by my local Anthro and luckily grabbed the last one in my size.

I LOVE this top.  I had tried it on when I made these purchases during the Tag Sale, but put it back since it was still full price.  It's comfy, causal, and I can't wait to wear it with the white Stevies.  So happy, I was able to snag one.

But now I have a dilemma.... Refinery29 is now offering $150 of Splendid Goods for $75 as part of their Reserve29 group couponing site.  Should I return the shirt to Anthro, spend $7 more and reorder it through Splendid's site along with something else?? (Seems like a simple answer, but I'm trying to save considering I just bought full price denim and have an out fo state wedding to attend at the end of the month... hmmm)  WWYD Readers???


  1. If there is something on Splendid's site that you immediately fall in love with, then I say you return that top to Anthro and get the Refinery deal. If there's nothing speaking to you, keep the top you bought and leave you money in your wallet.

  2. Love the jeans ad the new Rugby top! I would just keep the'll end up spending more money if you go through the groupon. :)

  3. Love that top! I agree with natasha, you will probably just end up spending more.

  4. Don't force it! That's my philosophy when it comes to shopping. If you're not feeling it, just wait until something comes along that you really love.
    I adore those Stevies, they look so cute!!

  5. I love the Anthro white skinnies! Since I'm pretty tall I have the opposite problem of finding ones that are actually long enough!

  6. Thanks girls! I kind of had the same mindset - that'd I'd spend more for no reason with the deal, so I passed. Excited to wear my new purchases!


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