Friday, July 29, 2011

[Crafty Lady] The Pinterest Challenge - Summer Edition

I, like I'm sure many of you, am a huge YoungHouseLove fan.  YHL was one of the first home improvement blogs I started following almost 2 years ago and I've been inspired to DIY more times than I can count. 

This week Sherri challenged her readers (along with the readers of BowerPower, Style by Emily Henderson -yes, that HGTV Emily Henderson, and Making a House a Home) to a Pinterest Challenge.

Anywho, the gang is challenging anyone and everyone to stop pinning and start doing.  All us Pin-whores have enough inspiration to keep us busy with projects for the rest of the year, so it's high time we start knocking some of them out.

Unfortunately, the deadline to complete a Pinspired project is Tuesday, August 2nd.  Which is the day I'll be getting back from being out of town (yep, I've been out of town all along... hence my lack of response to your comments, so sworry!)...  So I thought, I'd re-share a project I did earlier this summer that was inspired by my Pinterest loving.

However,  I also thought I'd share some inspiration of projects I have in the works...

You may remember this was previously on my Summer To-Do List...  and I'm literally mid-project, but like I said, I won't be able to complete it before the deadline - boo!  See, I have proof!

I also recently grabbed all the supplies to make my own version of something like this.....

August is already shaping up to be a creative little month, I do have quit the few things to check out my To-Do List after all!

Are you partaking in the Pinterest Challenge??


  1. I can't wait to see how your cupcake project turns out - I love the fabric you chose!

    I'm definitely doing the challenge, especially since half of the decorating projects I've taken on for the baby shower originally came from Pinterest! :)

  2. Oohh I love the so cute! I need to be more crafty...this is a great challenge!

  3. This is a great challenge! I sometimes have to remind myself that the reason I peruse the internet for ideas is to find projects to DO, not just to say "ooh that's pretty" and file it away for ages.

  4. Oh man, wish I had heard about this sooner...I would have loved to participate! Love your address # planter. It's adorable!

  5. Mandee - Thanks, I'm def very happy with fabric options too... and I have so much leftover, I have a feeling I'll be using them for other shapes soon... And your baby shower crafts came out AMAZING!!!! Love the photos on FB

    Natasha - Thanks! I'm sure you are plenty crafty, can't wait to see what you do :)

    CortneyLoo - Don't feel bad, I do it all.the.time! So many things I want to do, and never get around or have reason to execute....

    Rebecca - Thanks! And it's never too late to be inspired :)


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