Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Flowers of the Week] Deck Update

The first check can be made on my Summer To Do List!  Last Thursday, I decided to officially throw away my plans for homemade raised veggie bed on our deck.  Instead, I got some big honkin 18" containers from Lowes as well as a variety of veggies...

...tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatos, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, and jalepano peppers...

I snapped these pics early in the morning last Friday, so it was pretty bright on the deck.  I hope to take some more tonight to show the growth of all the flowers and plants in the last week (the weekend rain was much appreciated)....

The little makeshift shelf I made over Memorial Day Wkd. I used a 96" board of cedar (cut in 'thirds' by the nice man who can't do math at Lowes - 33", 33", 30") and stained it to match the deck.  Two cinderblocks spray painted in Espresso, and 8 paver stones (4 on each side) for the top level, that I still need to spray paint Espresso so they aren't as noticable.

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Oh how nice! I wished I had a little herb garden. Fresh Basil is the best.

  2. OH yayyy! Love all the plants and the herb garden! Can't wait to hear how the progress goes! :)


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