Thursday, June 2, 2011

Currently Loving...

I always seem to fall into crazy patterns with (essie) nail polish..... Winter 2010 I wore Bahama Mama for months, then switched to All Lacquered for Spring (and most of summer)... In the fall, I over used Merino Cool, and after finally retiring that in March, I found my new go-to...  Tart Deco

This color came out last spring and I know a lot of bloggers didn't care for it or found it too orange.  For me I think it's this awesome light shade of coral... it's orangey, it's pinky, it's a little peach, and it's bright!  I've gotten a lot of compliments and I already know I'll be over using it all summer long!

NOT MY HAND! - but this was the best "true" life photo I could find on the web... most pics made it look more orange...

What's your current favorite nail polish??


  1. Believe it or not, I am in love with the nail stickers by sally hansen. I just do the glittery ones and love them.

  2. wow, this is a gorgeous color.

    I also have a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate going on right now at my blog if you're interested!

  3. This color is so pretty! Perfect for summer.

  4. saw that color the other day and wasn't sure! I love it though! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  5. Geez, this picture makes it look so good! Tart Deco was so hideous on me-like fugly flourescent orange! Maybe I got a bad batch, lol.

  6. I've been using Chanel's Miami Peach *a lot* lately- it looks just like Tart Deco, but a little softer and more sheer. I'm like you though- I definitely go weeks (even months!) wearing the same color before I get tired of it and move on to something else!

  7. Rosa - I've been meaning to try those ever since posted about them months ago!

    Ashley & Lindsay - Thanks girls!

    tickled. - I actually grabbed it on a whim at target! love that they carry essie now (though I usually try to go to ulta to get the bogo 50% deals)

    Andi - ha, your review is what stuck out in my head the most. how much you hated it! It definitely looks bright sometimes, but its coral-y enough that it isn't harsh... maybe they changed the formula??

    chloe -ohhh miami peach sounds awesome!

  8. I LOVE that color! I'm stealing it :)

  9. I bought the Sally Hanson nail stickers too but I've been too chicken shit to actually use them! my favorite color so far has been Gargantuan Green Grape... it's a nice minty green. I will be checking out this color though!

  10. I love nail polish! I buy anywhere from 2-5 new bottles a month. Yes, I'm obsessed. I paint my nails every Sunday. :)

    My nail polish depends on the mood I want to project for the week. Example, right now, I'm on the prowl, so I wore "soulmate." :)


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