Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Crafty Lady] Address Planter

As you might remember from the "Spray Paint Shit" portion of my Summer To Do List...  I was itching to make my own one of these....

Easy enough I thought I'd buy a large number stencil, spray some white glossy spray paint, and waaalaaa be done with it.... yeah, not so much.  

Apparently, the craft store doesn't sell large numerical stencils.  So I grabbed some poster board and made my own little number 10.  I cut it out, and taped it to my already filled doorstep planter.   I taped in down on the inside to hopefully avoid some drips, but it didn't matter.  The spray paint I bought had less than stellar application coming out all drippy (ruined my fresh tart deco manicure).  I didn't even bother taking a picture (mainly because my fingers were wet with spray paint).  So I then just took a wet paper towel and tried to "white wash" the rest of the plastic taupe planter.... this also looked like crud.

(not bad for free hand!)

I found my taupe (cappuccino) spray paint from this previous project, and recovered the planter setting it back close to it's original form, maybe a shade darker.  I then googled this gem (can always count on Martha!) and made a new stencil.

I picked a font style I liked at  And enlarged it to the size I wanted and printed it out.  I cut out the number, traced them to poster board, and then using a exacto knife cut out the insides. And round two started.

This time I used glossy white acrylic paint and a paint brush made for stippling.  Which is exactly what I did.  After I finished I painted the top portion white (since it had left over spray spots from the 'white washing' debacle) and then I used a white Sharpie paint pen to correct and smudges and errors on my 10.

The Husband commented on "how he likes the planter", which is a win in my book.  Now only if the gardenias in the right side rear would come back to life!

Next up on the To Do List, a new wreath and door mat...


  1. hi erinn,
    i love the new design of your blog and your ouse number planter is adorable!

  2. Super cute and I LOVE your new blog's just adorable!!! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Cute Planter:) Don't give up on the gardenias! I live in SC and the winter was realllly tough on them this year! Mine have just now filled in and that is super late for the South! If you haven't already, get some miracle grow for acid loving plants and fertilize them every two can also dump your used coffee grounds around the roots for acidity:) Have a great 4th!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design! so you. there's bunting!!!

  5. Thanks for the layout love girls! Danielle did a fab job, I was soooo overdue for a change!

    Jenny - thanks for the tips, I'm so silly though, I didn't even realize I typed gardenias when I meant geraniums (duh!!) my mind is also on vacation I guess.

    Happy 4th everyone!


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