Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Classifieds] Looking For

Looking for blog/website designer.  Seriously. 

Recommendations always welcome! (feelo free to leave them in the comments section)

Contact me @ EHayes1183 at gmail dot com

Happy Weekend!


  1. i havent used, but have heard good things about

    let me know what you decide! i may be in the market as well!

  2. I just got mine done by Brooke at Bright Wishes and I'm so happy with my design! Really good price too!

  3. I haven't used anyone but Danielle Moss in Chicago designs some really cute ones.

  4. No recommendations for you (I do my own design and should really update my site, now that you mention it...), but I am passing along the Kreativ Blog award to you! Scroll down on my post here:

  5. Penny Lane Designs!

  6. I totally recommend Jillian over at She just did mine and she's super collaborative to work with! Shoot me an email if you want more details! :)


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