Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Shopaholic] Recent Buys!

Whoops, never got back here yesterday because I decided to squeeze in some Tuesday night Power Yoga instead and I guess I was so zen I never popped back in...

Now that I've returned to reality, let's back track through my receipts shall we??

J.Crew Suckered Plaid Shirt (mine is navy - which is navy and green)

I've seen this shirt on the sale racks for a while now, I figured I've been living in button ups (easy, no thought preppy style) why not add another to my collection!  I can't wait to wear it with....

Midi Short - AE $36.50

I've been needing a pair of denim shorts since last summer, but refused to pay the $100+ price for designer brands (it's just too little fabric) and I only wear them on weekends, so price per wear isn't worth it for 3months (in comparison to designer denim, which I'm easily talked into purchasing guilt free).  Anyway, I initially ordered these shorts and another pair during an online 20% and Free Shipping promotion, except I got the Boyfriend Midi Short instead... bad call.  While cute, they were sooo loose around the waist, that when I went to the store and sized down, it was just all wrong.  The Sales Associate said she had the same problem as many other shoppers.  However, the regular Midi Short (above) fit just right.  They have a 4" inseam so they aren't teenager-crotch-cutting-short.  I usually love a 3" inseam (think j.crew chino shorts) because the are the perfect length for my shortie legs... since these shorts are 'rolled' they fit more at the 3" area on my leg.

Distressed Denim Shortie - AE $24.95

I also grabbed this pair, and while they are Shortie (2" inseam) by rolling down the cuff one level bam, problem solved!  However, these will definitely be more for lounging around the house.  A little cuter than mesh shorts....

and lastly a new pair of....


Nothing say summer like a fresh pair of Rainbows.  I've been wearing these sandals since high school and they've never failed me... a purchase I gladly make every year or two.   I noticed they also sell them now at J.Crew.

That's all I recently grabbed.... looks like I'm ready for summer!  Actually so much so I tried out the St. Tropez self tanner tonight.  I'll be back to report my follow up... so far my left leg looks alright, but my right leg looks rather streaky.  I won't know for sure until I shower it off, but I think there might be some user error, oops. 


  1. Haha, but the longest time I refused to spend retail or more than $20-30 on a pair of shorts because I refused to pay a lot of money for not-a-whole-pair-of-pants! I've since changed my ways as I realized the nice fit and quality of a better pair of shorts, but still refused to pay a lot for not so much fabric!

  2. Yeah I def agree about the fit/quality (which is why I buy 'designer' jeans)... but I guess its the price per wear factor. At least jeans I wear to work (I'm lucky) and year round. Shorts are pretty much just for June, July, Aug and kicking back/running errands on weekends.... maybe I'll cave one day (or for a good sale!)

  3. rainbows! my #1 fave! (though minnetonkas are slowly creeping up). ive been wearing the same pair for like.. 7 years!

  4. Good luck with the tanning lotion! And good to know about the AE shorts -- I need to pick up a pair of new shorts once I'm off my shopping ban (and hopefully a few pounds lighter, haha!) and I've been eyeing the ones from AE!


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