Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Wishlist] Wednesday!

My current wants are all over the map, but that's pretty fitting for life, right?

Last weekend I finally convinced the Husband to come to yoga with me.  For years he said he'd like to try it because he knows flexibility is just as important as strength training, but he has never come.  We recently had a local Groupon deal that was too good to pass up (10 classes for $25!).  It's a vinyasa style yoga studio and the class had a great flow, and the room temp rivaled my old Bikram studio - nice and sweaty!  The husband loved it and said it was much harder than he expected (men!) and is excited to go back this weekend. 

I'm excited because the studio sent us an email to thank us for signing up and gave us a 15% coupon to their "store"... which carries Lululemon, yay!

I am a Lululemon virgin, but I know the brand has a cult following - especially from some of my favorite bloggers.  Last year a store opened (across the street from Anthropologie), but I just haven't made it in.   I'm hoping to pick up something like these below with my coupon....

Run:Inspire Crop $86             Flow Y Bra IV $42

I also have a pair of skinny boyfriend fit jeans on my list....

AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Roll Up Jeans - Piperlime $187

... and I'm loving these rings...

Seafire Ring - Anthropologie $38

One-Times-Three Ring - Anthropologie $68

Heart Silhouette Ring - Anthropologie $48

and finally I love these planters! I would love to brighten up our deck (after we power wash and re-stain it... or pay someone else to!) with colorful planters and lots of flowers and maybe some veggies too!

Cleve Yellow Medium Planter - Crate and Barrel $59.95

Beta Planter with Green Saucer - Crate and Barrel $17.95

Set of 3 Zinc Planters - Crate and Barrel $99.95

What are you wishlisting this Wednesday??

PS - I promise I will do a sunless tanner review soon.  I got some sweet tan lines when the weather was gorgeous on Easter Sunday (in the form of a sportsbra/beater)... once the burn heals, I'll need to even those babies out!


  1. I love that first ring! And now I have AG jeans on my wish list too, when I get to my goal weight, I'm going to splurge on them.
    So cool your man went to yoga with you!

  2. That's great your husband went to yoga with you! My brother-in-law had to tell my husband that yoga is a great workout and then he was word wasn't good enough, he had to hear it from another man :).

    We have bright planters and flowers on our deck and it makes me so happy to see them when I pull in the driveway!

  3. Andi - I'm totally loving coral and any bright orangey reds... I'm also trying to justify the jeans ;)

    Amber - Men are just too predictable. For years he had no interest, but ever since I did Bikram (back in summer '09) he got more interested, but never tried.... he's really into working out/ running and now does Krav Maga and kettle bell workouts 2x wk and thought yoga would be a good addition.... I think he was really surprised that its not as "girly" as he thought..

    ... you watch modern family? We now call when he brings something up that I've already mentioned (multiple times)... like a new band, movie, recipe, etc a "wedge salad".... yoga was a "wedge salad" haha

  4. I DEFINITELY recommend/love Lululemon! They're stuff is they best, albeit a bit pricey, but so worth it! And I am crushing on those Anthro rings...lots of great picks!

  5. Oops, THEIR stuff...I hate when I screw up! :)

  6. That One Times Three ring may be one of the best things I've seen in a really, really long time. It's gorgeous!

  7. Oh that's a great deal for Yoga. You will love Lululemon, I love their stuff.

  8. Love Lululemon gear! It's pricey but worth it.


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