Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

A quick little recap of our weekend....

Friday night we watched some of this....

... I may have cried at least 10 times...

On Saturday, I first went to a local running specialty shop and got professionally fitted for some new running shoes.  I've been having some (new) knee pain recently and realized that I'm completely embarrassed about how long I've had my current sneakers.  In my defense I have 5 different pairs of running shoes and I do rotate here and there, but not nearly enough.  After getting fitted and sized, the only shoes in my needed area (stability) were pink.  So I had the guy order me a pair in blue ;)   They should be in by the end of the week and hopefully this pain goes away.

This was also the first time I ever bought a pair of sneakers not based on their style, colors, and look.  This may be why I've had so many issues in the past with shin splints, stress fractures, sore arches, IT Band syndrome and  this newer knee pain.  Since I don't plan on wearing these shoes for anything other than my runs, I don't really care that they weren't my favorite style.  I'll take pics when they come in.

After that I ran some errands and used my 20% Entire Purchase at Ulta to pick up this....

Korres Wild Rose Brightening And Line-smoothing Face And Eye Serum  - Ulta $41

because I haven't been  using a serum for a few months and thought it was time to reintroduce one to my routine.  I decided to try out the Korres Wild Rose Serum because it is all natural and I'm trying hard to replace a lot of my daily products with more eco-friendly items.

After my errands, I went for a run.  And readers, you'll never believe what I saw.  I was running on the trail near my home and I ran past an adorably dressed up girl with a boyfriend/husband/significant other working a tripod and DSLR camera - FASHION BLOGGER!   When I ran past the first time they were standing, setting up the shot and letting all the runners and bikers pass by.  When I was on my way back they were full blown taking outdoor shots.  I wanted to stop and ask if she was a blogger and get her link... but I was embarrassed and I didn't want to embarrass her because I know how self conscious I'd be taking photos outdoors (the main reason I don't).  Maybe I'll see her again next Saturday.

After my run I hung out with the Husband and watched the Masters.  I loved how the young ins really dominated on Saturday.

Sunday I went over to my neighbor's for a 'Neighborhood Housewives' viewing party of...

The Real Housewives of NYC premiere.... I actually cheated and watched it Thursday, but it was fun to want Ramona's crazy, Alexis' "modeling", and Jill's backtracking again.  Our house even served Apple Cheesecake because it was "two NYC references in one".. she's a riot.

How was your weekend readers???


  1. I got fitted for running shoes last year ... Best decision I've ever made! Though I do still run in my Nike freeruns some too! :)

    Sounds like a good weekend! xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  2. I love Korres! I've been using their yogurt line for years now. I'm totally allergic to their wild rose stuff though. =(

  3. tickled. - My coworker was just talking about the Freeruns today! Saying that they are her favorite... maybe I'll look into those too :)

    Alyson - that sucks about the allergies. I got a sample from sephora two weeks ago of the wild rose just to be sure I liked it before committing... no irration and I don't mind the smell. Definitely better than something from Philosophy or Clinique that claim "natural" ingredients, but aren't completely green like Korres. I'll look into the yogurt line.

  4. Everyone always says they cry watching Toy Story 3! I still haven't seen it, but want too.

  5. That's a good weekend. Lol at the fashion blogger. I wonder if I cried at Toy Story. Probably.

  6. I watched Toy Story 3 with my niece and nephew a few months ago and I was crying like a baby! Pretty sure they thought I was crazy.

  7. Oh sounds like you had such a good weekend! I LOVE me some Real Housewives of NY! So glad they're back in action! :)


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