Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Review] Dry Shampoo (all of them!)

Ok, maybe not all of them... but plenty enough for a compare and contrast review.

First up... let's start with my all-time favorite formula, Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo...

Now, while I love that this product is a spray and not a powder and leaves my hair feeling soft and fresh at the roots - not full of product build up... the SMELL!  It's like a bridge or quilting convention - grandma central, pew!  I should also note, its pretty expensive ($24) for such a small amount (3.2oz).

I also tried the often raved about Oscar Blandi... again, I hated the smell, the texture, and force at which it came out of the bottle (made it hard to control).  Pass.

Then I tried Rock-a-holic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo by Tigi (and I've always been  a big fan of Tigi products)... the smell is amazing - orange soda? so much better than granny perfume.  However the texture it leaves behind left little to be desired.  If I'm pulling my hair half up or in a braid, then its okay, but I can't wear down because it leaves my roots too stiff.

Then came out the extremely affordable ($5.49! ) Tresseme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo... once again wasn't a fan of the smell, and even less of a fan of the texture.  It was hard to run my fingers through my hair afterwards, it just made my hair feel heavy, weighed down, and tangled the whole day.  I quickly returned the product.

Finally, I recently purchased Suave's Professional Dry Shampoo Spray - for even less, $2.49!, on a Target run a few weeks ago.  The bottle says "compare to Rene Furterer" which made me really happy and believer since that's the only dry shampoo I've been a fan of.  I knew Veronika had already raved about it's great lemon scent, so I was hoping this was "the one"...

I've only used it three times, but so far I'm a fan (just hasn't reached HG status).  The smell isn't great as great at Tigi's Dirty Secret, but it definitely beats the rest.  The formula is similar, but not quite as good as I remember Rene Furterer Naturia being - however this was late 2009.  I also wouldn't expect to be the same since it's a literal fraction of the price for almost double the amount of product (5oz).

If you are like me and haven't found the one yet, def give the Suave a spin. For less than a Starbucks coffee you'll get so many 'extra' days of not having to wash and blow dry your hair  :)

Hope this helps!


  1. I tried and hated the Tresemme too. It weighed down my hair and made it greasy.
    I will definitely try the Suave after your review and for that price!

  2. I also hated the Tresemme! My hair felt dirty and so incredibly heavy after using it. I now have the Suave and LOVE it. The smell is great and I can actually style it like normal!

  3. Thanks for your review. Rene Furterer has been my go-to dry shampoo for years. I was planning on trying Suave next because of the cost difference. I am really looking forward to trying it out now (and for some better smelling hair).

  4. I keep meaning to pick up the Suave version, thanks for the reminder! I bought a really good one a couple weeks ago. I can't remember the name, and am too lazy to go upstairs and look right now, lol. It's European and it rocks!

  5. So funny how we all hated Tresseme!

    Kim - For the price, it's great... def not the best, but definitely better than all the other subsitutes I've tried at this point.

    Ally - I'm looking forward to using mine more... figuring out the best way to style with it.

    Amie -Too funny... I think I bought the Rene right after our weddings, I was going to buy it again, but between the smell and the price, I just couldnt do it...

    Andi - Def try it out, although I'm interested in your new 'european' brand haha

  6. Oh this is such a good comparison and review. I recently bought the Suave and am still getting used to it...I still say baby powder does wonders. I've heard Toni & Guy is supposed to be amazing too!

  7. You have to try Pssssst! It's at CVS and Walgreens and I LOVE it. DH even uses it!

  8. Thank you for doing this! I have only tried the Tresemme so far, and I was NOT impressed. Greasy and stinky hair are two of my least favorite things, so I'm going to give to RFN one a try.

  9. thanks for the shout out and glad it's working for you so far (the suave) I still love plain ole' baby powder too!

  10. Thanks for this post. I was just looking for a dry shampoo and I am gonna run to my nearest CVS to get the Suave option.

  11. I've been curious about dry shampoos, so thanks for the reviews! For that price, you almost have to try the Suave!


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