Friday, April 8, 2011

[Review] The Coveted GAP Vintage Flare Jeans

Vintage Flare Jeans (light wash/hermosa) - GAP $69.50

A few weeks ago (sheesh, almost a month), during GAP's Friends & Family time I ordered the blogger coveted Vintage Flare Jeans.  Based on the online reviews I stayed with my true size, but expected them to be tight in the thighs.  I also ordered the Petite Version, hoping they'd either be perfect for heels or flats knowing the Regulars would be too long regardless at my 5'2" height.

When they came they were definitely TIGHT in the thighs, but fit nicely everywhere else (bum and hips) and within a few minutes of wearing them they did loosen up.  Now having worn them twice, they are still slim through the thigh, but not sausage casing tight.  Nor have they gone all saggy in other places.  I really like my flares to be tight at the thighs, or else I feel they exaggerate my stumpy height.

The drawback is the length... they are bit to short for heels (even my lowest 2" inch ones), but too long for flats.  I still haven't washed them so I hope they shrink a tiny bit and become the perfect summer sandal and blouse jean.  Right now I just have the .5" hem in the back flipped up and they aren't dragging, getting ruined, etc. (though, I'm purposely not wearing them on rainy days)

... being that I'm living in flats, it makes sense to keep the shorter hem Petites rather than exchange them for Regular length (yet needs hemming) for heels.  I know Flares are dramatically more flattering with an awesome pair of platforms... but this is me being realistic.

Green Windowpane Button Up - Banana Republic Outlet (ancient!)
Vintage Flare Jean - GAP (here)
Patent Eddie Flat in Royal Tan - Tory Burch (here)
Key to your Heart Necklace - F21
Skinny Headband - J.Crew

Has anyone else started stocking up on the flare trend??  I feel like I'm reliving my 90s "skater girl" youth....


  1. Hehehe, I just got one of the darker wide leg trousers from Gap! Love them.

  2. I JUST got my darker GAP widelegs in the mail TODAY! I cannot wait to wear them!!! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  3. I bought the same pair. I bought two sizes and I think I'll keep the smaller pair in case they stretch. They ARE super long in regular length, so I'll definitely have to rock some platforms with them. They look super cute on you!


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