Thursday, April 7, 2011

[OOTD] and Pain In The... Foot

I've been in a funk readers.... feeling a bit uninspired especially when it comes to blogging.  I've had a few ideas for posts, but then haven't really had the motivation to write them up.  I guess everything comes in swings.

Last weekend was Girls Day weekend.  We hit up 3 different local wineries for tastings and then headed back to my house to chow down afterwards.... I may still be recovering from the fun (okay and the wine hangover too).

So many of you had commented on what you thought I should wear in this planning post, so I wanted to show you I take your suggestions to heart.

Whirl & Wind Cardigan - Anthropologie (similar color)
Cissus Button Up - Anthropologie (here)
J Brand The Deal Skinnies (here)
Miz Mooz King Boots (here)
Braided Leather Belt - AE (here)
Ritzy Misfit "E" Stamp Necklace in Plum (here on esty)
Bracelets - AE (here and here)
Gold Watch - Won Here Fall 2009(!)
nail polish - Essie Merino Cool (here)

for the Anthro fanatics, my friend to the right is wearing the Skylark Blouse.. it's super cute 

all the girls in front of the vines... any one notice the empty glasses??

I decided to go with the flat riding boots over the heeled Dolce Vita boots because of comfort.  I know I haven't been posting OOTDs that often, but I'm basically living in flats and I can't remember the last time I wore regular (not boot) heels.  I've inherited some (not so) awesome bunions (blech gross!... why is that so embarrassing?? and why are feet so gross?!?) and heels have really been bothering me lately.  Actually my flats have been too.  I went in for a consultation on the surgery, my 2nd in 3 years,  and depending on how other things go in the next few weeks/months, I may just buck up and get it corrected. 

I know my time as an athlete and runner haven't done anything to help the problem, nor teetering around in cheap Aldo and Nine West pumps throughout college (nothing against those brands other than they are painful for my tootsies)....  My biggest fears with the surgery isn't the 6-8 week recovery or the fact they are going to break my foot in two places, but the potential to have arthritis or limited mobility afterward.  I want to continue running and balancing in yoga without issues... I also wouldn't mind being able to wear heels again pain free.

Aside from my mom (::waves::, hi mommy!),  have any of you readers had the surgery done??

.... I know Lisa and Kim already did posts on what they think are their flaws, and while this is something I usually am able to conceal, it is strange how hard it is to "own" your flaws...  thanks for the encouragement ladies!


  1. omg, the yellow cardi sets everything off so well! u look adorable. sorry to hear about your foot troubles. i stopped wearing stilettos and heels long ago b/c my feet (sadly) can't handle it anymore. so sad. *sobs* as for surgery? yikes, i can't even handle needles! =/

  2. I feel your pain, E, literally. :( I've contemplated going to the Dr. to get opinions on the same surgery, but haven't had the guts to yet. I've just resorted to very rarely wearing heels, and pretty much giving up on running. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you lots of luck if you go through with it!

  3. Kimchi Girl - Thanks! Needles aren't that bad (I went to acupuncture last night haha), but I've never had a broken bone (other than a few fingers/toes).... The thought of willingly breaking my foot and dealing with the repercussions is scary!

    KOR - I'm sorry that you have to deal with it too... My right foot is ok and doesn't bother me too much, but my left is bad. I used to be able to wear heels for a few hours and just suffer at the end of the day, now I can barely get them on for 5 minutes without feeling immediate pain. If I do go through with it, I'll let you know all about it!

  4. My BF had bunion surgery years ago and he said the recovery was really painful - take that with a grain of salt though, because he's a baby when it comes to personal discomfort.

    I also had a gal friend with bunion issues and she's opting the "wear flats all the time" route - good thing she's tall!

    As for the blogging thing - heck, if you're not motivated to write something, then don't. It's not fun anymore if you have to make yourself do it - and we're all here because we enjoy blogging, not because we've got to.

  5. I love the outfit you wore! That cardi is too cute!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  6. Best of luck with your surgery!! For some reason I think you're from the Philly area? I work for an orthopedics practice (we have foot and ankle too) based out of Center City. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I think my email is linked, but just in case it isn't - you can reach me at Philosurfy at gmail dot com :)

  7. I love your outfit; it looks like you had a great time. :) I can't wear heels either. I seriously don't know how people can stand to wear them for 8+ hours, but they do look so pretty. I hope that you can make a good decision about surgery.

  8. My mom literally just had the surgery 8 weeks ago on some pretty serious bunions. At 65, her recovery is probably a little longer and the doctor said she'd be out for about 12 weeks. She's now wishing that she had it done before she had kids when she was younger, but hindsight is always 20/20. I guess there's never a good time to be out that long, but if they bother you a lot now, it might be worth it in the long run! Good luck!

  9. Flats can actually make it worse. My mom and my aunt had it done. They both recovered beautifully. Just get it over with and put it behind you. Good luck to you. I have pretty major surgery ahead of me, so I completely understand.

  10. Ouch, this sounds really painful E. Sorry you are dealing with this. I have no experience with this surgery but I bet since you're so healthy, you would recover wonderfully.
    Great outfit btw and looks like an awesome girls' day :)

  11. Your outfit is darling!! And who can blame you for being uninspired? I would be too if I were facing surgery! So sorry to hear that. I hope it all works out for the best!

  12. Haha Lisa, too funny about your BF, and unfortnately I'm not tall like your friend! boo!

    tickled. - thanks!

    Savy Girl - I am in the Phila area, when I decide if I'm going to do it or not, I'll definitely reach out for some info. Thanks for the offer!

    Leslie - Thanks Lady!

    Lindsay - My mom also had the surgery a few years back with similar results (which is why I'd rather do it while I'm younger)

    A - I know (about flats) and mine aren't the most supportive, but they don't pinch as badly as heels and are just so much easier to walk in haha. Good luck with your surgery!

  13. Oh girl, I have the same problem. After years of long distance running, I cannot wear heels and I am sometimes in constant pain. I have been going to a new doctor and while I do not need surgery at the time (just cortisone shots, I am getting my first one soon), I will probably have to go that route at some point. I think that you are young and you will recover nicely (I am an old lady) and you will be able to run again and it will better in the long run.
    BTW, you look so good in yellow!

  14. Hey E,
    I had the surgery when I was in high foot in grade 9 and the second foot in grade 11. I was very athletic in high school. I honestly don't remember the recovery, other than having to wear a substantial cast for 6-8 weeks. This was several years ago, so I am not sure if the procedure has changed since then. I would say having this done was probably one of the best things I did.
    I wear heels!...I'm only 5'2" so I wear them whenever I can! My feet get sore, but not because of bunions or as a result of the surgery, but because my heels are 3-4" high and I have been standing, walking, dancing, etc. Like anyone else would get sore. I am still athletic and recently started running. I am currently training for a 10k. My feet never get sore from running.
    Just wanted to let you know my own personal positive experience.

  15. I've been in a blog funk too for weeks now :/ I think it's because there's just nothing out in stores that I'm interested in and I'm ready for the spring weather to get here and stay here!

    You look so cute in your outfit!

  16. Andi - thanks gf!

    Natasha - I dont know if I'm uninspired by the potential surgery or just that I'm in a rut... nothing to plan, waiting for warm weather (gardening/beach), saving money.... just not much going on... makes it harder to find things to talk about....

    Rosa - you are NOT an old lady!! I'm actually due for another cortisone shot in my knee - ouchie!

    Cynthia - Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I hear a lot of negative outcomes or ones with disclaimers, so its great to hear positive ones. So glad to hear you were happy with it.

    Sara - I completely agree... I think I'm just waiting to transition to a new season for real (not the rain and cold type spring, but sunny and warm)... I also need a new a project. hmmm....

  17. Good luck, that sounds painful! I broke my nose when I was younger and I really should have it fixed but they will have to rebreak it and that scares me to death. I have never had any sort of surgery and so I'm scared to do it but I know it will make it so much easier to breath through my nose!

  18. No foot surgeries here. I agree w/everyone about recovery being easier the younger you are. I'm also wondering if flats are making things worse, just because they rarely seem to offer real support. I also agree that medicine continues to change, so you'll have the latest treatment and maybe that means less recovery time. I know they've come a long way w/knee replacements. I don't have that either. Just sayin' ;-)

    Love the yellow, too.

  19. I read your blog all the time, but I've never commented before so I'm not sure if it's awkward to give my opinions on this, BUT...

    I have never had foot surgery, but in December I had a surgery that I did not really want, but knew I had to get it done. (Gallbladder.) I know it's not at all the same thing, but the experience taught me that you will ALWAYS hear far more horror stories about recovery than you will hear about the positive outcomes. It's not as juicy when things went smoothly. In the time leading up to my surgery, I constantly read about people who had unfortunate G.I. issues for years after the surgery. As it turns out, I am 100% fine now. I'd be willing to bet most people are, and I'd be willing to bet the same will be true for you. As everyone has pointed out, the younger you are, the easier recovery should be. Just think of how much better you could feel!

    As always, love your OOTD. :)

  20. Amber - ugh I heard rhinoplasty (cosmetic or not) is super painful... if you have it, I wish you lots of luck and an easy recovery!

    Gigi - you crack me up!

    Sara - hi! feel free to post anytime.. I love getting to know my readers better :) I'm glad to hear your surgery was a success and I think you are right about always hearing the worse case, thats good advice. Thanks!


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