Friday, April 22, 2011

Hodgey Podgey Hopefully Not Too Stodgy...

Oh let's see, where to begin... For someone who's been so uninspired to write a post, I sure feel like there is a lot to catch up on....  Bullet Points? Yes.  Let's knock this one out like a Corporate Task list...

  • New Sneakers. 
    • I previously mentioned I was WAY (like way x 10) over due for new running shoes.  I got fitted and picked up a pair of stability focused Saucony ProGrid Guide 4 - in blue, natch. 
    • They are probably the ugliest pair of running shoes I've ever had - they remind me of my dad's....(also I have a preference for grey and trail styles),but my knees feel good and no complaints so far....

  • 5K Race.
    • Last Saturday the Husband and I participated in a local 5K sponsored by a local animal hospital to raise funds for a local rescue.  The hospital performs all the spay, neuter, and emergency surgeries for the rescue free of charge (and this rescue is huge - over 150 dogs, plus cats and bunnies too!).  It was a great cause and something we were happy (and passionate) to support!
    • The Husband kicked ass.... he got 10th place overall!... well, 11th if you count the dog that beat him.... it was his first official race and set the bar high at 22:29!  Go Husband!
    • I only started running again 4 weeks ago or so.  I didn't expect to have a great time, but I'm pretty pleased with my 26:50 clock in.  It's a lot slower than my last 5K in 2009 where I came in at 23:36, but I'm hoping I'll just use this as motivation as to get back into my old "running shape".
    • I don't talk about my "exercise" or "health" really that much on this blog, but a lot of lovely ladies who blog do and I love reading about their updates, new classes/methods they are trying, diets, and recipes.  Maybe if I post some check-ins from time to time, it'll help keep me accountable....
    • Hope you readers don't mind!

  • Sephora 15% Sale Time!
    • Whenever Sephora offers a sale I try to nab whatever I need or whatever I can only get at Sephora.   Since 15% is just an okay discount, I didn't go crazy.  I know a lot of the cosmetics direct sites, or sites like SkinStore.Com frequently offer 20% Off.
    • I first placed an order and grabbed some self tanner... it's that time of year after all!
      • My old (talking like 5+ years ago) go to was Clarins, but I've had a hard time swallowing the price tag for something I don't use that often.
      • After hearing about the raves for St.Tropez Self Tanning Lotion, I picked some up.
        • Also loving that its made without sulfates, parabens, and is known for a pleasant smell -I'll report back on this later because I'm hard to please in the self tanner smell department!
    • I also grabbed the Lancome Flash Bronzer for face.  I wanted to get the Clarins version for face, but there wasn't any on the site.  I decided to go with the Lancome because I had previously used the Flash Bronzer mousse on my legs in college (again years ago) and remember them turning a nice color and not streaking... 
      • It also got great reviews!

  • To complete my order, I grabbed some Ouidad Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel To Go.  I received a sample of this a while back and loved it.  I've since used up my go-to Catwalk Curls Rock, so I thought I'd switch over to the Ouidad for a while.
  • Then Wednesday morning I ran out of my fav and daily need - Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder.  So I sneaked into Sephora yesterday and grabbed a new one before the promo ended.  Close call.

Hmm... what else for the list...

  • Veggies and Fruit!
    • A few weeks ago I got an awesome Groupon.  $19 for a $39 box of organic fruit and veggies from a local delivery company.  The box came and it was awesome!
    • We got: 2 bartlett pears, 2 navel oranges, 2 kiwi, 5 bananas, 3 fuji apples, 1 bag baby carrots, 1 lb yams, 1 8 oz button mushrooms, a head green leaf lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1lb onions,1 bunch bunched beets, 1 stalk of celery - AMAZING!
    • The produce changes every week and you can substitute out items you don't like (I substituted Red Chard for Onions) and there are different sized boxes.
      • Next time we'll get a "little box" which is perfect for 1or 2 people and only $25.
    • If anyone in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware area interested, shoot me an email and I'll send you the info - its a great concept and easy (and reasonably priced) way to get organic good delivered straight to your door!

      • Yes, I'm really excited over veggies!

Other than that readers, not too much else going on.  I've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus (no real ban), just not seeing any "must haves"... I'm sure that'll change when the weather stays warmer and stops flipflopping.

Happy Earth Day Readers!


  1. Love Saucony shoes. When I used to run long distance, most of my shoes were from Saucony. One time I liked a pair so much that I bought enough to last me a couple of years (I used to change shoes every 4 months when I was running a LOT).

    And all those veggies and reminds me husband needs to go grocery shopping.

  2. Oh you're so good at the 5K...I would be like 45 minutes, at least! :) The box o veggies is awesome!! What a cool service! Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!

  3. I definitely want to know if you like the St. Tropez tanner! I use Clarins and would love to find a less expensive option that delivers. Last night at 11:58 I realized I had a cart full of items on Sephora, thank goodness the promo still went through after 12!

    Come by and my L'Artisan Parfumeur giveaway if you like!

  4. I got a similar groupon I have been meaning to cash in! Super impressive with your race stats and yay for earth day and fun sephora products!!

  5. Rosa - After trying every brand out there, only Nike and Saucony's don't give me issues... After years of Nikes, I'm glad I got these for running only....

    Natasha - Thanks! Have a great wkd too!

    Elizabeth - I will definitely do a review when I start using it... Glad you were still able to get your order in on time :)

    Amber - I'm hooked, and veggie delivery day is like Santa coming... love it!

  6. Congratulations to you and Hubby for getting up and kicking some butt. Races no less. I'm impressed.

    I'm curious to see if you like the Ouidad. I used 100 Beauty Insider points (perhaps more) on a sample starter for dry, naturally curly hair. I loved the shampoo, conditioner and styling gel.

    When the sample ran out, I ordered all three Full Size at $15 each for a very small bottle. The scent was off. The consisancy was different. My hair felt waxy after I used. I was very disappointed. I do believe I reviewed it on Sephora.

    Hope it works better for you!

    As much as I love blogging, sometimes I get burned out. Or someone says something that is uncool or just plain mean. It happens! Don't let it get you down Carly. You have interesting things to share, lovely Polyvores, and superbly styled OOTD's.

    It's not much different than Teaching. And I know you would never give up on that. Some days it's a challenge to face what is expected of us. Other days are pure joy and wonder. Just getting through the tough days, brings appreciation of the good.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  7. i love that you ran a 5k for a local rescue!!! i have a little rescue pup so things like that make me happy :)

    ive been toying with the idea of getting a veggie box like that delivered - it looks so delish! you may have inspired me to finally do it!

  8. The Smashbox bronzer is amazing!!!!


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