Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Wishlist] Wednesday!

My current wants are all over the map, but that's pretty fitting for life, right?

Last weekend I finally convinced the Husband to come to yoga with me.  For years he said he'd like to try it because he knows flexibility is just as important as strength training, but he has never come.  We recently had a local Groupon deal that was too good to pass up (10 classes for $25!).  It's a vinyasa style yoga studio and the class had a great flow, and the room temp rivaled my old Bikram studio - nice and sweaty!  The husband loved it and said it was much harder than he expected (men!) and is excited to go back this weekend. 

I'm excited because the studio sent us an email to thank us for signing up and gave us a 15% coupon to their "store"... which carries Lululemon, yay!

I am a Lululemon virgin, but I know the brand has a cult following - especially from some of my favorite bloggers.  Last year a store opened (across the street from Anthropologie), but I just haven't made it in.   I'm hoping to pick up something like these below with my coupon....

Run:Inspire Crop $86             Flow Y Bra IV $42

I also have a pair of skinny boyfriend fit jeans on my list....

AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Roll Up Jeans - Piperlime $187

... and I'm loving these rings...

Seafire Ring - Anthropologie $38

One-Times-Three Ring - Anthropologie $68

Heart Silhouette Ring - Anthropologie $48

and finally I love these planters! I would love to brighten up our deck (after we power wash and re-stain it... or pay someone else to!) with colorful planters and lots of flowers and maybe some veggies too!

Cleve Yellow Medium Planter - Crate and Barrel $59.95

Beta Planter with Green Saucer - Crate and Barrel $17.95

Set of 3 Zinc Planters - Crate and Barrel $99.95

What are you wishlisting this Wednesday??

PS - I promise I will do a sunless tanner review soon.  I got some sweet tan lines when the weather was gorgeous on Easter Sunday (in the form of a sportsbra/beater)... once the burn heals, I'll need to even those babies out!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hodgey Podgey Hopefully Not Too Stodgy...

Oh let's see, where to begin... For someone who's been so uninspired to write a post, I sure feel like there is a lot to catch up on....  Bullet Points? Yes.  Let's knock this one out like a Corporate Task list...

  • New Sneakers. 
    • I previously mentioned I was WAY (like way x 10) over due for new running shoes.  I got fitted and picked up a pair of stability focused Saucony ProGrid Guide 4 - in blue, natch. 
    • They are probably the ugliest pair of running shoes I've ever had - they remind me of my dad's....(also I have a preference for grey and trail styles),but my knees feel good and no complaints so far....

  • 5K Race.
    • Last Saturday the Husband and I participated in a local 5K sponsored by a local animal hospital to raise funds for a local rescue.  The hospital performs all the spay, neuter, and emergency surgeries for the rescue free of charge (and this rescue is huge - over 150 dogs, plus cats and bunnies too!).  It was a great cause and something we were happy (and passionate) to support!
    • The Husband kicked ass.... he got 10th place overall!... well, 11th if you count the dog that beat him.... it was his first official race and set the bar high at 22:29!  Go Husband!
    • I only started running again 4 weeks ago or so.  I didn't expect to have a great time, but I'm pretty pleased with my 26:50 clock in.  It's a lot slower than my last 5K in 2009 where I came in at 23:36, but I'm hoping I'll just use this as motivation as to get back into my old "running shape".
    • I don't talk about my "exercise" or "health" really that much on this blog, but a lot of lovely ladies who blog do and I love reading about their updates, new classes/methods they are trying, diets, and recipes.  Maybe if I post some check-ins from time to time, it'll help keep me accountable....
    • Hope you readers don't mind!

  • Sephora 15% Sale Time!
    • Whenever Sephora offers a sale I try to nab whatever I need or whatever I can only get at Sephora.   Since 15% is just an okay discount, I didn't go crazy.  I know a lot of the cosmetics direct sites, or sites like SkinStore.Com frequently offer 20% Off.
    • I first placed an order and grabbed some self tanner... it's that time of year after all!
      • My old (talking like 5+ years ago) go to was Clarins, but I've had a hard time swallowing the price tag for something I don't use that often.
      • After hearing about the raves for St.Tropez Self Tanning Lotion, I picked some up.
        • Also loving that its made without sulfates, parabens, and is known for a pleasant smell -I'll report back on this later because I'm hard to please in the self tanner smell department!
    • I also grabbed the Lancome Flash Bronzer for face.  I wanted to get the Clarins version for face, but there wasn't any on the site.  I decided to go with the Lancome because I had previously used the Flash Bronzer mousse on my legs in college (again years ago) and remember them turning a nice color and not streaking... 
      • It also got great reviews!

  • To complete my order, I grabbed some Ouidad Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel To Go.  I received a sample of this a while back and loved it.  I've since used up my go-to Catwalk Curls Rock, so I thought I'd switch over to the Ouidad for a while.
  • Then Wednesday morning I ran out of my fav and daily need - Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder.  So I sneaked into Sephora yesterday and grabbed a new one before the promo ended.  Close call.

Hmm... what else for the list...

  • Veggies and Fruit!
    • A few weeks ago I got an awesome Groupon.  $19 for a $39 box of organic fruit and veggies from a local delivery company.  The box came and it was awesome!
    • We got: 2 bartlett pears, 2 navel oranges, 2 kiwi, 5 bananas, 3 fuji apples, 1 bag baby carrots, 1 lb yams, 1 8 oz button mushrooms, a head green leaf lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1lb onions,1 bunch bunched beets, 1 stalk of celery - AMAZING!
    • The produce changes every week and you can substitute out items you don't like (I substituted Red Chard for Onions) and there are different sized boxes.
      • Next time we'll get a "little box" which is perfect for 1or 2 people and only $25.
    • If anyone in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware area interested, shoot me an email and I'll send you the info - its a great concept and easy (and reasonably priced) way to get organic good delivered straight to your door!

      • Yes, I'm really excited over veggies!

Other than that readers, not too much else going on.  I've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus (no real ban), just not seeing any "must haves"... I'm sure that'll change when the weather stays warmer and stops flipflopping.

Happy Earth Day Readers!

Friday, April 15, 2011

[Home Decor] Sun Room Heaven

We don't currently have a sun room in our house, but man, I wish we did!  I love the thought of taking some hot tea or chilled lemonade and snuggling up on one of these cozy couches or chairs with a good book (or laptop for online window shopping) and basking in the warmth of the sun... without the chill of the spring wind ;)


ocean view!

Love these tall windows!

(love the vintage wagon for the coffee table... and the crisp white baseboards)

anyone who knows me in real life, knows I'm a beach baby and obsessed with shore chic... personally I'd tone down the color of the walls because I like the weathered shabby chic look, but this room it just to die for!

these are the cooler colors I'm talking about... love the dark leather and wood mixed with the airy paint, drapery, and throw rug - perfect juxtaposition of traditional and rustic with chic and airy

more floor to ceiling windows.... also love the "layering" in this room, so much visual interest

having a hard time looking past the view... but the room is lovely

Happy Friday Readers!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

A quick little recap of our weekend....

Friday night we watched some of this....

... I may have cried at least 10 times...

On Saturday, I first went to a local running specialty shop and got professionally fitted for some new running shoes.  I've been having some (new) knee pain recently and realized that I'm completely embarrassed about how long I've had my current sneakers.  In my defense I have 5 different pairs of running shoes and I do rotate here and there, but not nearly enough.  After getting fitted and sized, the only shoes in my needed area (stability) were pink.  So I had the guy order me a pair in blue ;)   They should be in by the end of the week and hopefully this pain goes away.

This was also the first time I ever bought a pair of sneakers not based on their style, colors, and look.  This may be why I've had so many issues in the past with shin splints, stress fractures, sore arches, IT Band syndrome and  this newer knee pain.  Since I don't plan on wearing these shoes for anything other than my runs, I don't really care that they weren't my favorite style.  I'll take pics when they come in.

After that I ran some errands and used my 20% Entire Purchase at Ulta to pick up this....

Korres Wild Rose Brightening And Line-smoothing Face And Eye Serum  - Ulta $41

because I haven't been  using a serum for a few months and thought it was time to reintroduce one to my routine.  I decided to try out the Korres Wild Rose Serum because it is all natural and I'm trying hard to replace a lot of my daily products with more eco-friendly items.

After my errands, I went for a run.  And readers, you'll never believe what I saw.  I was running on the trail near my home and I ran past an adorably dressed up girl with a boyfriend/husband/significant other working a tripod and DSLR camera - FASHION BLOGGER!   When I ran past the first time they were standing, setting up the shot and letting all the runners and bikers pass by.  When I was on my way back they were full blown taking outdoor shots.  I wanted to stop and ask if she was a blogger and get her link... but I was embarrassed and I didn't want to embarrass her because I know how self conscious I'd be taking photos outdoors (the main reason I don't).  Maybe I'll see her again next Saturday.

After my run I hung out with the Husband and watched the Masters.  I loved how the young ins really dominated on Saturday.

Sunday I went over to my neighbor's for a 'Neighborhood Housewives' viewing party of...

The Real Housewives of NYC premiere.... I actually cheated and watched it Thursday, but it was fun to want Ramona's crazy, Alexis' "modeling", and Jill's backtracking again.  Our house even served Apple Cheesecake because it was "two NYC references in one".. she's a riot.

How was your weekend readers???

Friday, April 8, 2011

[Review] The Coveted GAP Vintage Flare Jeans

Vintage Flare Jeans (light wash/hermosa) - GAP $69.50

A few weeks ago (sheesh, almost a month), during GAP's Friends & Family time I ordered the blogger coveted Vintage Flare Jeans.  Based on the online reviews I stayed with my true size, but expected them to be tight in the thighs.  I also ordered the Petite Version, hoping they'd either be perfect for heels or flats knowing the Regulars would be too long regardless at my 5'2" height.

When they came they were definitely TIGHT in the thighs, but fit nicely everywhere else (bum and hips) and within a few minutes of wearing them they did loosen up.  Now having worn them twice, they are still slim through the thigh, but not sausage casing tight.  Nor have they gone all saggy in other places.  I really like my flares to be tight at the thighs, or else I feel they exaggerate my stumpy height.

The drawback is the length... they are bit to short for heels (even my lowest 2" inch ones), but too long for flats.  I still haven't washed them so I hope they shrink a tiny bit and become the perfect summer sandal and blouse jean.  Right now I just have the .5" hem in the back flipped up and they aren't dragging, getting ruined, etc. (though, I'm purposely not wearing them on rainy days)

... being that I'm living in flats, it makes sense to keep the shorter hem Petites rather than exchange them for Regular length (yet needs hemming) for heels.  I know Flares are dramatically more flattering with an awesome pair of platforms... but this is me being realistic.

Green Windowpane Button Up - Banana Republic Outlet (ancient!)
Vintage Flare Jean - GAP (here)
Patent Eddie Flat in Royal Tan - Tory Burch (here)
Key to your Heart Necklace - F21
Skinny Headband - J.Crew

Has anyone else started stocking up on the flare trend??  I feel like I'm reliving my 90s "skater girl" youth....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

[OOTD] and Pain In The... Foot

I've been in a funk readers.... feeling a bit uninspired especially when it comes to blogging.  I've had a few ideas for posts, but then haven't really had the motivation to write them up.  I guess everything comes in swings.

Last weekend was Girls Day weekend.  We hit up 3 different local wineries for tastings and then headed back to my house to chow down afterwards.... I may still be recovering from the fun (okay and the wine hangover too).

So many of you had commented on what you thought I should wear in this planning post, so I wanted to show you I take your suggestions to heart.

Whirl & Wind Cardigan - Anthropologie (similar color)
Cissus Button Up - Anthropologie (here)
J Brand The Deal Skinnies (here)
Miz Mooz King Boots (here)
Braided Leather Belt - AE (here)
Ritzy Misfit "E" Stamp Necklace in Plum (here on esty)
Bracelets - AE (here and here)
Gold Watch - Won Here Fall 2009(!)
nail polish - Essie Merino Cool (here)

for the Anthro fanatics, my friend to the right is wearing the Skylark Blouse.. it's super cute 

all the girls in front of the vines... any one notice the empty glasses??

I decided to go with the flat riding boots over the heeled Dolce Vita boots because of comfort.  I know I haven't been posting OOTDs that often, but I'm basically living in flats and I can't remember the last time I wore regular (not boot) heels.  I've inherited some (not so) awesome bunions (blech gross!... why is that so embarrassing?? and why are feet so gross?!?) and heels have really been bothering me lately.  Actually my flats have been too.  I went in for a consultation on the surgery, my 2nd in 3 years,  and depending on how other things go in the next few weeks/months, I may just buck up and get it corrected. 

I know my time as an athlete and runner haven't done anything to help the problem, nor teetering around in cheap Aldo and Nine West pumps throughout college (nothing against those brands other than they are painful for my tootsies)....  My biggest fears with the surgery isn't the 6-8 week recovery or the fact they are going to break my foot in two places, but the potential to have arthritis or limited mobility afterward.  I want to continue running and balancing in yoga without issues... I also wouldn't mind being able to wear heels again pain free.

Aside from my mom (::waves::, hi mommy!),  have any of you readers had the surgery done??

.... I know Lisa and Kim already did posts on what they think are their flaws, and while this is something I usually am able to conceal, it is strange how hard it is to "own" your flaws...  thanks for the encouragement ladies!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Review] Dry Shampoo (all of them!)

Ok, maybe not all of them... but plenty enough for a compare and contrast review.

First up... let's start with my all-time favorite formula, Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo...

Now, while I love that this product is a spray and not a powder and leaves my hair feeling soft and fresh at the roots - not full of product build up... the SMELL!  It's like a bridge or quilting convention - grandma central, pew!  I should also note, its pretty expensive ($24) for such a small amount (3.2oz).

I also tried the often raved about Oscar Blandi... again, I hated the smell, the texture, and force at which it came out of the bottle (made it hard to control).  Pass.

Then I tried Rock-a-holic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo by Tigi (and I've always been  a big fan of Tigi products)... the smell is amazing - orange soda? so much better than granny perfume.  However the texture it leaves behind left little to be desired.  If I'm pulling my hair half up or in a braid, then its okay, but I can't wear down because it leaves my roots too stiff.

Then came out the extremely affordable ($5.49! ) Tresseme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo... once again wasn't a fan of the smell, and even less of a fan of the texture.  It was hard to run my fingers through my hair afterwards, it just made my hair feel heavy, weighed down, and tangled the whole day.  I quickly returned the product.

Finally, I recently purchased Suave's Professional Dry Shampoo Spray - for even less, $2.49!, on a Target run a few weeks ago.  The bottle says "compare to Rene Furterer" which made me really happy and believer since that's the only dry shampoo I've been a fan of.  I knew Veronika had already raved about it's great lemon scent, so I was hoping this was "the one"...

I've only used it three times, but so far I'm a fan (just hasn't reached HG status).  The smell isn't great as great at Tigi's Dirty Secret, but it definitely beats the rest.  The formula is similar, but not quite as good as I remember Rene Furterer Naturia being - however this was late 2009.  I also wouldn't expect to be the same since it's a literal fraction of the price for almost double the amount of product (5oz).

If you are like me and haven't found the one yet, def give the Suave a spin. For less than a Starbucks coffee you'll get so many 'extra' days of not having to wash and blow dry your hair  :)

Hope this helps!