Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Shopaholic] WINNING!

... is anyone else completely over the Charlie Sheen saga?  I don't even pay attention to the reports anymore, but I do still love to throw around a good "DUH!" or "WINNING" here and there, and that's exactly what I did a few weeks ago... I won Sara's Birthday Giveaway over at You, Me, and Anthropologie!

My $50 Anthro Gift Card arrived last week and I put it to work on Saturday.  I headed over to Anthro tried on way more items than I planned (since I haven't been loving much online) and finally settled on... you guessed it....

The Cissus Button Up!
Cissus Button Up, Gingham - Anthropologie $88

The top is by Sanctuary and it is a very light weight and soft cotton, the type that has little structure or stiffness.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like how soft it was since most of my button up's are more starched, crisper feeling, but I really loved the relaxed look.

Only having to pay $38 out of pocket, totally made the shirt worth it.  Thanks Again Sara!!

Now, on to the planning.... This weekend is my 4th Annual Wine Day event with my girlfriends and once again, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to wear.  The weather report keeps switching from high 40s to low 50s and back and forth between showers (whomp whomp)... so here are a few potential looks below... let me know your favs!


WD4 - Look #1


4WD - Look 2

4WD - LOOK 3

I'm still mixing and matching a bunch in my head... different cardis, dark skinnies with flats, maybe the long Grandpa Cardigan, etc.  Since it's a long day of boozing, I'm avoiding heels if possible. And since the weather is apparently unpredictable even for trained meteorologists, I think layering is my best bet.  

Any ideas you have for the Cissus Button Up would be appreciated!  Feel free to leave ideas or links to polyvore sets in the comments!


  1. Yes, I too am totally over Charlie Sheen and his nonsense. I think it's gross that the media is capitalizing on it and continues to encourage him. *ok off my soap box*

    congrats on winning the gift card. I love the top you chose and while I love all your looks, I adore #3 - it's perfect for Spring!!

  2. Over it for sure! Charlie Sheen is nuts. I'm not surprised at all that everything happened the way it did.

    I love your new shirt! Outfit #2 is my favorite -- I bet those boots would look SO AWESOME with that shirt!

  3. I'm not gunna lie. I was ---><---- this close to buying tickets to Charlie Sheen's DC show. I'm over it, but I still think it's hilarious.

    As much as I love the mustard cardi in look #3, I have to go with outfit #2 because of the boots. if rain is a possibility, better stick with the warmer (and bonus - not heeled!) shoes.

  4. ugh. I'm so over Charlie Sheen ... he's absurd.

    I love your new top! I like outfit #3 the best! Looks very Spring while still being warm! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  5. The new cute is soo cute! Love it. I could also imagine it with a mustard yellow skirt and brown wedges for the spring. Lots of great options with this top! :)

  6. I like outfit #3 with #2 boots! :) We have been getting rain here in the South like craazzy too...hopefully sunny days are ahead for all of us!

  7. I like outfit #2 the most...congrats on winning! :)

  8. Love that top E, great choice!
    I like the second set best but they're all fab.
    Congrats on WINNING! lol

  9. I like outfit number 2, all are lovely, but that one is my favorite.

  10. My face look is #3.


  11. My fav is #2, I love the brown boots with the blue in the top. I am super jealous that you got this top. I still haven't convinced myself that I should spend full price for it. Esp after spending so much recently on shoes:( Hoping it goes on sale soon, but doubtfull since it is SO cute.

  12. I think #2 is best. I really like #1, but with a wet ground, I think you're better off with boots (plus, the backs of your jeans won't get wet - I hate that!).

  13. I am with Jenny. I love your Miz Mooz boots and the yellow cardi for an awesome pop of color, especially if it is gray and raining. Plus the more layers the better, you can always peel them off, so bring the cutie ruffle coat. I hate being cold. Also, you need to check out Essie Sand Tropez, great nude. Have fun!


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