Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Product Review] Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

Sorry for my absence readers, I've been too busy following Charlie Sheen's Sheen-anigans...

I know I rarely do make up or skin care reviews, mainly because I usually use the same products (list of favorites here - still mostly all the same)  About 6 weeks ago, I purchased Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, as I had been experiencing some scarring after break outs.

Within the first use I noticed a difference... maybe it was an exaggeration of wishful thinking, but I felt like I saw results.  Now, confidently after 6 weeks or so of steady use, I definitely have seen results.  Before this product, I was using Bio Oil, to help with discoloration and uneven spots... I've noticed a similar difference in half the time with the Clinique product!

The tube is a bit pricey at $49.50 for 1oz, but there is a lot of product for how little you need.

And since I to find where the best deals are located on the web, you can now find this product at
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Hopefully this review is helpful in case anyone is in the market for a product to help even out their skin tone.   Happy Shopping!


  1. so glad i stumbled upon your blog today! your pic is SO gorgeous by the way -- is that from your wedding? SOOO pretty!

    awesome product review...will definitely have to give this clinique product a try!


  2. HMM... I have wondered about this product for awhile now. I have sunspots/hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and hate them! I also have very oily/breakout prone skin... do you have oily or dry skin? I have been afraid it would cause more breakouts/clogged pores if I put it all over my face every night????

  3. idratherbeshopping - welcome! thank you and yes that was from my wedding day :)

    jenny - i most definitely have dry skin. I don't put the product all over, I only spot treat on the problem areas... its a very light serum. Maybe spot test it first before applying all over?

  4. Ooh, glad to see you do a review on this! I was wondering how well it worked after seeing an ad for it in a magazine- I definitely have some sun damage that needs a bit of help, bleh. Thanks for the review!

  5. I agree, I used it last year and saw results- I am planning on buying it again because when I breakout I normally scar (fair, sensitive skin)and I've been breaking out recently. Worth the money IMO!

  6. Glad to hear it worked for you!
    I used this when it first came out and wasn't that impressed. Maybe this means they improved their formula? I will have to give it another try then.

  7. Chloe - I'm not sure how it will work on sun damage... I have a few spots from that, but it definitely helped more with scarring from breakouts (spots that would have faded eventually on their own) kwim? worth a shot though

    Amber - I definitely plan on always keeping this in my make up drawer...

    Andi - I did read some negative reviews from people trying to use it on age spots.. maybe sun damage/age spots are harder to fade then acne scarring? My problem is that I breakout, the pimple goes away, but a red mark is left for weeks (!)... this has definitely helped with the splotchy red spots... also it is the "clinical" version (maybe that's newer??)

  8. I need to try this, thanks for the review and rec! I used to use Shiseido's Whitess serum which worked great but a tiny bottle was over $100! This is way more reasonable!

  9. HA! Ca-Razy Charlie right now! {Winning!} Oh and I am so happy to hear this review...I think I need to get my hands on this soon!

  10. OMG, thanks for this review. I have been breaking out some recently (stress at work) and I need something like this.

  11. Great review! I've seen this product and have always been thinking about it but wasn't too sure if it works. Bio Oil is great but I don't like the oily feeling and it tends to make me break out if I put it on my face. By the way, you look gorgeously radiant in that photo of you in your blogger bio section. So pretty! :)
    Sharon @ Fun and Life

    Sorry to leave my link, I don't like to normally but I don't use blogspot and there's no Name/URL option for your blog. Just so you know who this is lol :)


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