Friday, March 11, 2011

[Party Planning] Poms in Progress

After taking these pictures of the booze room or our little makeshift Irish Pub, I made some height adjustments to the poms.  I also hung the beer signs shamrocks you saw sitting on my table here.  I'll get some better fully decorated pictures tomorrow before the party starts.

St.Pats Beer Tubs - Target

I have to admit too readers, I've been a little bummed the last 24 hrs.  As the usual with life, a lot of our guests have had things pop up and they can no longer make it.  It makes me sad since I was really looking forward to getting together with friends we don't see nearly enough.  Oh well, the party must go on!


  1. That looks cute! Im sure you will have lots of fun!

  2. The pom poms are adorable!!! I am so sorry to hear you've got party know I would be there with bells on my toes! :) I am sure you will have a blast though...looks like a lot of fun!

  3. They came out great. Party poopers suck. I agree. You'll have tons of fun and they will wish they had shown up.


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