Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flowers of the Month

I bought these pretties before our party on Saturday the 12th... they are all still living strong and show no signs of heading to the trash... that's what I call a bargain  :)

I took these pictures on St. Patrick's Day, so you can't really tell that they look almost the same nearly a week later (and 11 days after I bought them), but trust me they do!  Also, I've since retired the St.Pat's decor.....

So clean and spring like....

both blooms are carnations.. classic white and 'green trick'

Happy Hump Day Readers!


  1. Those carnations look awesome...almost like peonies! Love! :)

  2. I love how long lasting carnations are. You did an amazing job putting all these decorations together. Next time I have a party, I am hiring you as a consultant.

  3. I love it when flowers last. And still loving all your pics :-)


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