Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[Wishlist Wednesday] New Month, New Wants

Even though I pulled quite the little birthday haul last month, a girl's wishlist never ends.... here are some new items added to the must-have list.

Scallop Lace Shell - J.Crew $48
I love the two tone contrast on the weathered sage version (above), but the desert pink would also go great with my Clinging Blossoms Cardi

Vintage Cotton Foil-Print Tank – J.Crew $34.50 
This looks cute and versatile in the online shot, wonder about the quality in real life though...

Tuscan Urns & Cachepot – Pottery Barn $24–89
I have loved these for almost a year... they'd be perfect on the wine bar or sideboard.

Currencies Necklace - Anthropologie $29.95
the perfect 'touch' of color for neutral outfits

 What are you wishing for this Wednesday?


  1. I've have my eyes on those urns for so long! Silly I have not bite the bullet!

    Greta wants lady! Very Erinn =)

    Amber's Notebook

  2. Ooh, I love those urns...they're so understated and gorgeous. I've also been loving that Anthro necklace!

  3. What is shopping if we don't always want something more? Even though I just ordered a TB bag, I REALLY want the Eddie flats you got for your bday...and I have a $200 gift certificate from Nordies burning a whole in my wallet! Eek!! :)

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  5. I am hearting the cashmere sweatshirt from jcrew. Cashmere and a sweatshirt in one, heaven! I love how it is styled in the catalog. I know a lot of people will not like this, and I am hoping it will go to the sale pile because $228 is way too much for me to spend on it. I also love the other two shirts you listed from jcrew. Please post picts if you order.

  6. Amber - I'm actually surprised they are still around... lucky for us!

    Natasha - I LOVE the flats.. seriously very comfortable and didnt really need any time to break in (though I didnt walk for hours the first few times I wore them either)... def worth the money....

    Tara - I love that sweatshirt too... reminds me though I the Whispering Vespers Sweater I just got at Anthro last week. The anthro one is a little less sweatshirt like, but still similar and so cosy!!


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