Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Shopaholic] a little treat

I've been stalking these boots for a while... December, earlier maybe?  I've really been wanting another pair of lighter tone (beige, taupe, or grey) boots, that are narrow in the calves (a must), and have a heel (so they can be casual - the color, but still dressy - the height)....

These boots normally retail around $280.  They are now sold out at Nordstrom, but Endless has almost every size between 6-10.  Not to mention 7.5% Cash Back through Ebates and FREE two day shipping and returns.

After seeing Chloe's post about Endless's President's Day Sale last Thursday, I saw the boots were marked down to the price above.  Yet, I hesitated.  Yesterday, the boots went up in price to $143 (endless likes to change the price of items daily).  So I ran some errands, which included getting a price adjustment on my Whispering Vespers Sweater (score!!), so I decided to put that money I got back towards something else I wanted.   The Boots! 

I checked Endless this morning, and what do you know, they are back to being 60% Off.  Mine.  Hopefully the calves fit, so stay tuned for a review.

Don't forget to use Ebates, if you don't have an account sign up HERE


  1. Nice buy!!! Can't wait to see IRL pics! Have a great weekend!

  2. Those look great!! Good deal on them.

  3. Those fantastic boots - I hope you do some great outfit pics with them when you receive them! I've got to remember to use my Ebate more often, argh!

  4. Thanks everyone I was stoked to see that the awesome deal returned! I can't wait to see if they fit :)

    Lisa - ahh you have to use Ebates, I've earned so much money back in the last 15months, its amazing!

  5. Gorg! Can't wait to see your IRL pics of them!

  6. Oh post IRL pictures when you get them, they look gorgeous!

  7. Awesome score! I noticed the daily price fluctuation with Endless too, but I still love to get my shoes from them. Free shipping and returns? Yes, please! I can't wait to see IRL pictures!


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