Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[OOTD] and Boot Review!

They're heeerrrreee!

As scheduled, my Mack Boots arrived yesterday from Endless.  So here is my review and lots of pictures, natch.

  • The color is what I expected, a true taupe.  Somewhere smack in between tan and grey. 
  • The zipper in the back is fully working going all the way down the heel, which makes them cake to get in and out of.  The two little straps do unsnap which was a nice surprise. 
  • They fit true to size.  I could get them on with my ski socks (what I wear with my riding boots), but they fit perfect with regular socks.
  • The calf is little bigger than I'd like, but that's something I have to put up with having 13" calves.   It's not so big they look like wellies, and with jeans they look pretty good.
    • Nordstrom lists the circumference as 13", Endless listed it as 15"... most likely closer to 15"
  • The leather came and was slightly marked... I was annoyed at first, but it adds to the distressed look they sort of have, definitely doesn't look bad and since they are light I'm sure they are only going to mark up the more I wear them.

Only Complaint:  The Lining.  It's some sort of fabric which I'm not really a fan of.  If they were DV by Dolce Vita (the lower price point line) I'd expect that, but I really thought they'd have a leather lining or something else that would keep them a little more structured and sturdier- thus making them look not as cheap.  However they don't really scrunch down, so while I'm disappointed, I won't complain.

Fun Rave: Dolce Vita threw end two extra heel stopper thingamajigs (the little black heel ends)... that was awesome and much appreeshed!

Overall, for the sale price of $111.80 (plus my ebates cash back) they are a major score!

Here are some shots when I tried them on yesterday - I originally wore this outfit with my Miz Mooz King Boots (seen here)....
Pure and Good Yellow L/S Tee - Anthropologie
Absolutely S/S Cable Sweater - Nordstrom B.P. Department (from Fall/Winter 2009) (similar here and here)
Linea Pelle Snakebite Belt - Anthropologie (knock off here)
 The Deal Skinnies - J Brand (here)
Dolce Vita Mack Boot - Endless (here, duh!)
Curly Frizzy Hair Style - no purchase necessary!

And today's OOTD!

Silk/Ruffled Cardigan - Banana Republic (similar here)
Fei Liquid Bouquet Tank - Anthropologie  (similarish)
The Deal Skinnies - J Brand (here)
Dolce Vita Mack Boot - Endless (again!)
Elsa Peretti® Letter "E" Pendant - Tiffany & Co. (here)
Shit Eating Grin - courtesy new boots!

Happy Hump Day, Readers!


  1. So cute! Those are winners. I think that's the type of boot to stay up. I like up up and not scrunched. Love the color, too. They look really good w/the floral tank.

  2. I love them on you!!! They look great, and I really like today's outfit. LOL at your shit eating grin :)

  3. Gigi - I re-read that, totally sounded wrong. I definitely don't want the boots to scrunch (not my style)... I meant they don't really scrunch down that bad (a good thing) and I'm disappointed that the lining isn't something better than a nylon blend (my bad!)

    Kim - Thanks Lady! ;) ;)

    Alyson - Thanks Alyson... they have them in almost all sizes (said in taunting tone).... just saying :)

  4. I love these! I am wearing a similar color boot from BR, but these are stunning. I also kind of like that there is a little space between the calf and boot, it's better than having them too tight then the jeans don't always look right. Great purchase!

  5. oh wow, I love them! the color is stunning!

  6. Love the color and the two outfits are both perfect!

  7. Love the boots! I think that tank might be my favorite...

  8. Those boots are hot! Love them! And I adore both outfits!

  9. Mandee & Mere - Thanks!!

    Andi - not as hot as you lady, miss your face!

    Lindsay - I LOVE that tank, one of my fav purchases from last year... you could check the Trade Market on Effortless Anthropologie to try to score one for sale....

    Rosa - Thanks girlie!

  10. Natasha - I totally agree about the boot width, I hate when boots are tight to your jeans... although I normally have the problem where they look like rainboots... These have some extra space in the back of the calf but then they taper back up... hopefully I only notice it :)


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