Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Crafty Lady] Lucky Fun

Happy Belated Valentines Friends!

The husband and I didn't do much last night (although I did whip up some of these)... but on Saturday we had a blast.  We first had lunch a brewery, before heading on down to my favorite local winery (yeah, we like our booze).... We did the Valentine's Day tasting which consisted of 4 wines, each paired with a local cheese and wine infused truffle - except for the wine that was paired with the chocolate covered potato chip (yum)!...   We had such a good time and it's doing simple things like that and being together that make our Valentine's most enjoyable.

(I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures!!)

Aside from that, I've been working on some crafty projects for our Beer Tasting party next month.  Annnd since V-day is finally over, I can finally put them up guilt free :)

First up, I took this quirky little candlestick I bought last spring at Marshall's for $7.99 and gave it some sophistication.   I did actually like the turquoise, it just didn't 'go' with any of the stuff or rooms in our house.  I grabbed a bottle of Valspar Spray Paint in Cappuccino from Lowes and gave it a few coats.

I wish I would had grabbed the "glossy" finish instead of the "satin"... but for the most part, I'm probably the only one who notices and its always something I can fix later... maybe even do it lime green or something bright if I'm feeling it.

After that, I started on decorative wood letters.  I saw this listing on etsy, and while cute... I figured I could easily enough make some myself.

 LUCKY BLOCKS - Etsy Shop: lisabees 

I grabbed some white wood letters at Michael's for $2.49 a piece.

Gave them all a few coats of acrylic paint that I already had lying around in my craft bin

 I then picked two patterns from my green scrapbook paper haul from two weeks ago....

I traced the letter upside down on the back of the scrapbook paper, cut out my letters, and put a coat of Mod Podge directly on the wood before placing the paper on top.  I waited 15 minutes for the paper to set in place and make all wrinkles and bubbles got smoothed out before putting another coat of Mod Podge on top (I did two top coats on each letter).

I think I'm going to get some clover plants... or maybe some succulents to put on the wine bar or the ledge with center piece.    I love how the letters turned out.  So simple and easy and I'll be able to pull them out year after year.   

This would also be a great project at Christmas (JOY or NOEL, perhaps) or even for kids room/play room. 

Stay tuned.... I'm kicking it in high gear, I got some more projects coming up... but maybe some window shopping first??... hmmm


  1. ahh, no.. Iron Hill (local brewery chain in the area... not as big as victory)

    Love the pics you posted from your trip though!

  2. You are so good at the DYI stuff. I love the LUCKY sign, it's so perfect.
    Glad you had a blast on Saturday, hubby and I celebrated Valentine's during the weekend as well with a yummy dinner and a great dessert.

  3. Love the LUCKY letters! Very cute for St Pattys Day!

  4. The letters are so cute! You did a great job with them!

  5. I am loving the LUCKY sign! so cute and seems easy enough to DIY! I might be putting this on my list of things to do for spring decor! :)

  6. Thanks Rosa - your dessert looked devine!

    Jennifer & Kristen - Thanks!

    Mandee - It was super easy, the most annoying part was painting the letters green. The acrylic paint was streaky so I had to like 3 coats on each letter. The Mod Podge part was cake.

  7. Another blogger did a Beer Tasting party for her husband's 30th. Her pics of the party were amazing!
    Link below.

  8. M2M - I actually got the idea from Ashley's blog (I linked it in a previous post)... love all her details.

  9. Oooooo, I really like the wood letters! I am SO going to take that idea and make a set that says "BONJOUR" to go on top of my entertainment center -- it'll match the wooden Eiffel Tower I have up there right now!

  10. great idea Amy!! I bet you can find some really cool parisian looking paper too :)

  11. Oh! Nice! We went to the Iron Hill in Cherry Hill during the same trip. Fun!

  12. Heather - that's awesome, that was quite the brewery hopping trip! All over too! Did Nathan try the coffee stout?? it was ridiculous!


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