Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Anthro] New Picks

I was browsing Anthro's site last night, and surprisingly not all was holy sweaters and boxy striped tees....  There was a nice little selection that I immediately moved over to my wishlist....

First up, two new awesome sweaters.... love them both! Only gripe, and it's a BIG one, is that they are $118 a piece and both 100% cotton.... What gives Anthro??  you throw some cashmere, wool, alpaca... whatever into a blend, sure I'll "understand" (but not like) the price... I've gotten used to the $98 tag for cotton, but now an additional $20 on top of that??  The buttons aren't even fancy....  humph.

... and they are both Dry Clean (??)  since when do you have to dry clean cotton.   Not a fan Anthro. Not a fan.

I also was loving some of the tops... some aren't even new, but for whatever reason I changed my tune.

On the Agenda Shell $88
big fan of this after seeing it on Robin's friend Nora on How I Met Your Mother last Monday

Squeezebox Top $48
I've been looking for the 'perfect' non-plain body con navy top... this just might be it

Bespoke Yoke Top $78
I think this might be one of those you pass right over on the hanger, but would look great on with the right outfit.

And if I wore skirts and had an extra $198 laying around.... I'd totally grab this too!

Garden Of The Spectrum Mini $198
and fyi, it's $198 for POLYESTER

Aside from my irritation at inflation, I'm liking some of the new things... hopefully we get out of the cropped and boxy aesthetic and move on to better things for spring.


  1. Oh the last skirt is so cute, but $198?

  2. Oh I love that last skirt but I agree with Rosa, what the heck!?
    Amber's Notebook

  3. I know right?! For that price it should be silk and embroidered by hand!.... its polyester with a poly lining... should maybe cost $68... sheesh

    cute though

  4. i love that skirt!! so pretty. it looks like something express or forever 21 might copy for a lot cheaper :)

  5. I love those first two sweaters too - something about yellow and grey together that is just divine!

  6. Oh, I love that skirt! And I like the lacy cream top too! with shorts in the spring? Could be cute! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  7. Mikaela - you are so right!! I bet it gets knocked off for sure!

    Lisa - I loooove yellow and grey, if we ever have a child, their room will be those colors.

    tickled. - I wasn't even thinking about shorts (just skinnies and bell bottoms), thats also a great pairing :)

  8. I love that first cardigan...totally on my wish list. I'm on the hunt for a few more printed cardigans. I'm with you though...definitely waiting it out for a sale. $118 is craziness! Love your cute blog!


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